Your Guide To Resistance Bands + TOP 12 Best Resistance Bands Reviewed 2022

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If you want to improve your strength and power, then using resistance bands is the best alternative to free weights.

Resistance bands (or 'resistance tubing') has become popular for some time now for its versatility and affordability.

Using exercise bands for resistance works on the principle of the material and shape of the band applying added resistance when you perform exercises.

There are numerous brands of resistance bands on the market, and finding the best resistance bands can be tricky.

Below you will find a full guide to resistance bands that can help you work out which exercise band is best for you. We also include a detailed review of the 12 best resistance bands on the market.

Resistance bands are very portable and are great for working out when traveling.

Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands SetBest OverallVictorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set
Black Mountain Products Resistance Band SetBudget PickBlack Mountain Products Resistance Band Set
321 STRONG Exercise Resistance BandsUpgrade Pick321 STRONG Exercise Resistance Bands

1. Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set

Our rating: 9 / 10

Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set

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  • Bands are made of thickly infused and high-quality material.
  • Excellent for glute activation and work.
  • Comes with a sturdy carry bag.
  • Worldwide One month Warranty.


  • Some users report bands break easily.

This product is perfect for those who want a good set of resistance bands for the glutes, legs, and thighs. It comes with bands built with different levels of resistance, as well as thigh and short tethers for different levels.

This provides various choices for those who want to challenge themselves as they progress. It also has a digital workout guide, as well as access to fitness apps on your cellphone. These help you track your progress as you achieve your fitness goals.

When you wear the resistance band, you’ll feel the pull. These bands are a great way to build strength and endurance without a lot of unwanted impact.

2. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Our rating: 9 / 10

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

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  • Wide range of resistance options
  • Comes with a door anchor for versatility
  • Great price point to meet your needs
  • Material is soft and flexible
  • Exercise chart shows different exercises to do with bands
  • Carrying case is well-made and offers space to neatly store everything


  • Small ankle strap, might not fit all ankles.

One of the best gym bags for runners for those who are looking for a starter kit to work out at home. The Black Mountain set comes with a door anchor to make hooking the bands up much easier, and a carrying case to make them portable.

The loop anchor is also great for stretching, because you can actually hook one end to the center of the anchor and the other to something else (like your bed frame) to give yourself a resistance-based workout. The ankle strap is also versatile, as it can be used for arms, legs, ankles, and other places. It also works with the door anchor if you don’t want to use the ankle strap.

The set also includes an exercise chart that details over 20 exercises for arms, chest, legs, and core. The bands are soft and stretchy and offer a nice range of resistance for beginners and intermediates.

3. Resistance Bands

Our rating: 8 / 10

Resistance Bands

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  • The bands are versatile and can be used to work out arms, legs, shoulders, and back.
  • Great for knee support and flexibility for golfers.
  • Nice minimalistic design and comes with a carrying case.
  • Stronger than previous versions.
  • Affordable.
  • Can be kept in a closet without taking up too much space.
  • Work well for physical therapy exercises and when you want to work out privately.
  • Provide a great workout for the upper body when used with a door pull up bar.


  • Straps are a little difficult to use.
  • Doesn’t provide good support for the ankles when working out.

The Stamina 11-piece set of resistance bands is an affordable and portable way to add variety to your workouts.

The set comes with a door anchor, door pull up bar, ankle strap, carry bag, and exercise guides. They are strong enough to be used by people with a wide variety of strength levels, but they are also light and portable, so you can throw them in your car and use them when you are on the road.

4. Odoland 5 Packs Pull Up Assist Bands

Our rating: 8 / 10

Odoland 5 Packs Pull Up Assist Bands

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  • Perfect size, weighing less than 2 lbs
  • Very portable for traveling
  • The material is built of silicone making the cords somewhat sturdy
  • The straps are adjustable
  • You can use these cords on most door frames
  • Have a wide range, 5-40lbs, for fitness
  • Comes with a workout eGuide
  • 1 year warranty


  • Can slide down doorjamb and make it difficult to complete pull-ups
  • The width of the Cord is quite small (not wide) and does not grip doorjams securely.

The strap that wraps around your foot is very long and awkward.

The strap is almost 5 feet long, and you may feel like you need a 3rd hand!

Some people found the included resistance band only proved to be helpful up to the 20 lbs mark.

5. Lifeline Pull Up Revolution Assistance System to Improve Arm

Our rating: 8 / 10

Lifeline Pull Up Revolution Assistance System to Improve Arm

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  • Number one seller on Amazon
  • Full resistance range for women (130 lbs)
  • Great for beginner CrossFit workouts
  • Simple sturdy design
  • Easy pull-up bar to hang your rig
  • Fits doorways up to 24” wide.


  • Doesn’t include a pull up bar
  • Pull up bar doesn’t lock in
  • Frame can be flimsy in some cases

The Pull Up Revolution from Your Pull Up is one of the best pieces of pull up equipment that you can find. It’s a pull up bar that will helps you work your upper body without needing a spotter. You can easily adjust the bar to enable you to do assisted pull-ups and chin-ups.

The design is super simple and the bar is no-frills. There is no locking mechanism for the bar, but that’s okay because it doesn’t vibrate or bounce around.

The frame is very sturdy and can easily handle weights up to 250 pounds (we’re guessing that probably isn’t a common thing though).

6. Serious Steel 41" Assisted Pull-up Band

Our rating: 7 / 10

Serious Steel 41" Assisted Pull-up Band

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  • Resistance bands are inexpensive and readily available.
  • Relatively easy to use.
  • No complicated weight equipment.
  • Resistance bands are lightweight and portable.


  • Resistance bands are often tougher to use than conventional weight equipment.
  • Resistance bands are not suitable for everyone to use, trainers suggest that those with joint injuries should use caution using them.
  • Resistance bands do not offer all of the options of weight machines, for example, you are not able to attach a weight plate to the end of the band before pulling it.

The resistance bands were invented before the recreational fitness boom of the late 20th century. At the time they were mainly used for physical therapy. Today they are popular as a training aid for all levels of fitness. Users appreciate the low cost, portability and ease of use. Just about anyone can use one even a small child.

CrossFit trainers use them to develop upper body and core muscle. Resistance bands are referred to in CrossFit as "pull-up assistance bands." Resistance bands allow the user increase the weight resistance they are pulling on to increase the intensity of their pull-ups.

The resistance bands are easier to use than free weights in that there is less chance of injury. However, they are not exactly easy to use.

7. 321 STRONG Exercise Resistance Bands

Our rating: 7 / 10

321 STRONG Exercise Resistance Bands

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  • Extra-wide and long latex tubes for all kinds of different exercises.
  • Simple and easy to use, you can take them with you anywhere.
  • Come from a trusted brand name in Athletic training.
  • Low prices.
  • Can serve as a transport to transport to the gym.
  • Can help to improve range of motion.
  • Also great for pregnancy exercises.
  • Work for any athlete no matter what their goals are.
  • Can be used for many different styles of exercises.


  • Does not include door attachment.
  • Does not include minibands.
  • Do not come with easy to understand instructions.
  • Might not give the same look and feel of weight lifting.

No exercise equipment can get you in shape faster and look more impressive than a pair of resistance bands. However, it’s a shame that so many people avoid them because they think they are difficult to use or understand. They’re actually incredibly useful, versatile, and simple to use. Plus, they’re great for packing up and traveling with you on the go.

8. bodylastics Anti-SNAP Warrior Edition Resistance Band Sets Come

Our rating: 6 / 10

bodylastics Anti-SNAP Warrior Edition Resistance Band Sets Come

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  • Good Value For Money. The price is what you would expect for a decent set of these.
  • It fits together well and can take a lot of abuse. It stays together well, and fits together well without any slop.
  • Complete and ready to go. Everything you need is included.
  • Very effective core workout.

All-in-one kit for your home gym or on the road.

Extremely heavy. It weighs about a pound, and the travel bag alone is a half pound. They’re easy to hang up or put in a drawer, but if you travel with them or plan to use them on your trips, they’re a bit large, but you can chuck them in a suitcase.

Trusted by over 300M people, the Warrior kit is suitable for use by individuals of all levels who are ready for a simple, compact and affordable fitness aid. It is uniquely designed and multi-functional to enhance users’ lives. The kit includes six (6) tubes, each made of a unique color to identify its core strength. Users can freely change tubes at any time according to personal preference.

9. Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

Our rating: 6 / 10

Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

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  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Comes with a door anchor and exercise guide.
  • Includes a workout log so you do not forget your progress.
  • Handles are easy to use.
  • Bright, colorful colors will help you keep track of your progress.


  • Loops are slim for larger hands.
  • Might require additional bands to increase resistance.

These exercise bands are an affordable option compared to most resistance bands. They are lightweight but still provide a decent amount of resistance.

Measuring 54 inches in length and one-half inch in diameter, this set of 4 bands comes in 12 colors. The bands are made of natural latex and can be used for flexibility exercises, physical therapy, and to challenge the muscles for aerobic training and strength building. They are perfect for home use or at the gym and come with a door anchor to keep them in place while exercising.

If you have weight training goals, you will undoubtedly need to invest in a quality weight bench at some point. This bench is large enough to accommodate the performance of dumbbell, barbell, and standard weight machine exercises. It provides a stable, secure workout area for the user.

10. WearBands 5-Level Resistance Bands Training and Exercise System

Our rating: 5 / 10

WearBands 5-Level Resistance Bands Training and Exercise System

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  • 5 resistance levels
  • Could be used for abs, glutes, triceps, legs, arms and many more body parts
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy way to build strength and muscle
  • Provides good tension and traction for strength training
  • Fantastic value for its price
  • Included exercise guide will show you more than the basics

Over time, the resistance bands' rubber could dry out. Not as durable

If you are just getting started with resistance bands, this set of bands is a real bargain. They’ll come in handy for isolating any muscle group and increasing your strength.

The reality is that you can get perfectly good resistance bands from your local sporting goods store but for the price, you’re really not going to find a better value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What brand of resistance bands are best?

Power Systems Resistance Bands are great bands for different CrossFit workouts and we love them and all their products made by them. In pretty much all of their products you can really feel the quality when compared to the cheaper things on the market.

They sell bands for pull-ups, push-ups, squats and all sorts of other things. They also market a whole range of different mini-bands if you want something light and easy to use. The Bowflex resistance bands are also great, but cost twice as much as Power Systems.

What is the best length for resistance bands?

Resistance bands can come in a wide variety of lengths, with some being relatively short, and others being much longer. Most resistance bands that you can buy from Amazon are going to come in the range of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters. This is really going to depend on what you want to use the resistance band for.

If you are looking for a single band that you can use for multiple exercises, a resistance band between 1.5 and 1.8 meters should be standard, as that would accommodate most exercises that you would typically want to do.

If you want a band that you will use primarily for curls, triceps extensions or chest presses, then a band that is a bit shorter would be a better option.

The trick to using resistance bands for these exercises is that you are using the band at its weakest point.

Should I get a medium or heavy resistance band?

The best resistance bands for most people are medium resistance bands.

That does depend on your goals though. If you are building strength and muscle, you will probably need a medium resistance workout band and a heavy resistance workout band.

Medium resistance bands are good for strength building. Heavy resistance bands are good for building more muscle. Low resistance bands are good for getting a good cardio workout with a lighter resistance band.

If you are just starting out, you might want to get a light resistance band as you can start out with just a few pounds of resistance and then build up your strength and muscle mass. Heavy resistance bands can go as high as 200 pounds of resistance.

Try getting a medium and a light resistance band so you can easily switch your weight sets or resistance levels during your workout.

Look for bands that have a good warranty. If you get the bands from the recommended products listed in this article, they have a good warranty.

Do resistance bands actually work?

Yes, absolutely.

They are very simple, and anyone can use them – beginners and intermediate lifters, middle-aged folks and grandparents, men, and women. They are also very affordable and don’t take up a lot of space.

Their versatility is huge. They can be used for strength training, as a replacement for the bench press, chest press, and shoulder press, and for rehab for those who are rehabbing their rotator cuffs or recovering from shoulder surgery.


Isometric exercises are the secret to a good looking body. Nowadays the focus of most workout programs is on dynamic exercises that produce a toned body.

However, the “unseen” body, the muscles you cannot see, are the most important muscles of the body. The inner muscles of the shoulder, arms, legs, back and core.

Without these muscles, your muscles are nothing and you won’t have a strong, healthy body.

Most people focus on their biceps or forearms, this is a mistake because those are not the most important muscles in the body.

Our Recommendation

Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands SetBest OverallVictorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set
Black Mountain Products Resistance Band SetBudget PickBlack Mountain Products Resistance Band Set
321 STRONG Exercise Resistance BandsUpgrade Pick321 STRONG Exercise Resistance Bands