Why You Might Need to Stretch Before or After Your Workout? + TOP 5 Best Stretching Mats

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For a long time, it was believed that stretching before a workout should be avoided. This is because during a workout, stretching out will relax the muscles, making it a lot easier to strain the fibers.

This is partly true, however, excessive stretching can also weaken the muscles. This could mean that it is better to stretch after a workout because fatigued muscles might be more receptive to stretching.

Even if it’s better to stretch after a workout, the jury is out on the benefits of stretching. Therefore, it’s probably best to stretch before and after your workout. The reason to do this is simple: stretching helps warm up the muscles, which relieves muscle strain and improves blood circulation.

Stretching doesn’t just make it easier to work out, but it can also help you recover faster after the workout.

It’s also important to note that stretching isn’t just beneficial for workouts. Stretching can cure a lot of physical ailments and complaints as well.

Most people can benefit from stretching because it can help treat:

Sports injuries