When it Comes to Women, Is It Really Worth the Weight?

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Bulk of Lies

Yes, men do hate skinny girls, but the problem is that the average woman tells 98 lies a day to her man. The lies are not only about her appearance, but also involve her job, money, and time. When her lies are caught, she has to find a fast way to fix her mistake; the men tend to stick to their guns because they are not stupid and a lady is not so smart when she is backed into a corner.

Men are simple beings and when they truly love you, it is a feeling of gratitude, something we all want. In the minds of most men and virtually all women, love is supposed to be forever. When you start lying to your man, he makes excuses for the inconsistencies he perceives. A man will do that so he won’t have to deal with the pain he feels when he is about to lose you. A few women have been able to keep men this way for ten or more years.

The problem is when the lies do not add up and you are as real as plastic wrap. Men have turned away from women when they begin to feel that she is not being genuine. Although men do not love perfect, they do love honesty and admire someone who is as real as they are.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Large breasts may seem like a great asset “ but it’s easy to forget that they come with few extra pounds. According to a study by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, men are more attracted to heavier women. But these extra pounds are not exactly put on without effort ‗ with affection on the menu, the average woman gains two pounds per year. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but a 10-pound weight gain in 10 years will shoot her weight-to-height ratio way up, and that’s not good!

Larger breasts also lead to a whole host of other health problems. Studies have shown that breast and chest sizes for women are linked to early puberty and more breast, colon, and ovarian cancers in adulthood.

Large breasts can also lead to unnecessary back pain. One study found that more than a third of women with large breasts (C cup or larger) reported discomfort during exercise – almost half reported lower back pain. The same study also found that the onset of the trouble is linked to breast size, with women with D cups or larger almost twice as likely to report lower-back pain.

Then there’s the issue of physical appearance.

D cup sizes and above is also linked to stretch marks, which have been shown to become more prominent with age.

Bad to the Bone

Early on in the meme’s popularity, the word “bad” was often misread as “bad” rather than “lady.” This confusion was furthered by the fact that the creator, Chris Torres, titled the image “Ladies Bad” rather than the correct “Ladies Bad to the Bone,” the title of the song. As a result of the grammatical misreading and the incorrect title, the meme came to mean “ladies who are bad to the bone,” which means “women who are bad to the bone” rather than “lady bad to the bone,” which is what it should mean.

If You Want to Tone Up Your Body, Don’t Tone Down the Weights

When it comes to toning up your body, you could be focusing on two different parts. The goal of most women is to tone their abdominal area, while the goal of most men is to achieve a set of ripped biceps.

The women’s magazines will have you believe that you have to spend all of your time doing cardiovascular workouts to get the perfect waistline. The men’s magazines will have you believe that you have to spend all of your time lifting weights to get a memorable build.

On top of this, you have the fitness industry telling you that you need to focus on cardio exercises to burn fat and tone your chest, or lift weights to build muscle and get buff. The truth is that most of you want one of those four things: abs, chest, biceps, or fat loss. The problem is that these four things just cannot happen at the same time.

Ladies, if you want to get into great shape and sculpt your side profile, you need to spend the majority of your time in the gym lifting weights. If you want to get ripped, you’re going to need to lift weight to get lean and tone. If you want to burn fat and tone your midriff, you will need to skip the cardio for a while and start hoisting some heavy weights.

Mind Over (Muscle) Matter

If you ask a woman if it is worth the weight to get in better shape, more often than not they will tell you it is especially if you are overweight and have tried losing weight and been unsuccessful.

It’s not just about weight though. Overweight people are often less healthy than normal weight people, and studies have shown that they are more likely to die earlier.

These percentages rise dramatically for more severe obesity. One study found that the risk of death increased almost 400 percent for people with a body mass index (BMI) over 50.

The reason that fat is so unhealthy is the fact that it is associated with an increased risk for everything from high blood pressure and diabetes, to heart disease and cancer. It’s no wonder that losing weight helps extend your life! That being said, fat is not all bad.

It is found in many of our organs and hormones. Plus, it’s stored in muscle fibers so it can be burned as energy. It is also the body’s primary store for vitamin A.

As long as you are within the normal range for BMI, it’s not necessarily bad to be a little overweight. It is only when you become severely overweight that the benefits of weight loss start adding up.

This Benefit Won’t be “Heart” to Love

It’s a fact that women and men who are overweight are more likely to develop heart problems than those who maintain a healthy weight. So it’s simple: Eat healthy and it’s more likely you’ll enjoy a long life. But it’s not always as simple as that.

Depending on where you live, it can be harder to stay fit, especially if you have busy lifestyles. You’re in luck if you live in an area with great climate that offers plenty of activities year-round. But if you’re like many Americans who live in places where summers can be too hot or too cold, winters are too cold and buggy, and the local gym is too far away, then it’s harder to stay fit.

If it’s really a problem for you to get exercise, you can invest in a treadmill. They make models that fold up when it’s not in use. This is a great solution if you have a small home. A treadmill is the answer for you if you want a little fresh air but can’t get outdoors as much as you’d like.

Carb Your Enthusiasm

Because of Sarah’s ovulation, she was a little bolder in her flirting. Obviously, that’s a direct result of the hormonally-influenced confidence boost that accompanies ovulation. The combination of the surge in estrogen and the reduction in testosterone during this time can drive women to feel more confident.

This increased boldness can be attractive, but it doesn’t actually translate to a desire for sex. It’s not that Sarah wants to have sex when she is ovulating, it’s that she’s less concerned with being perceived as “a slut.” The benefit of desiring and enjoying sex isn’t just that it leads to fertilization and hence, a baby; it’s that it releases an important hormone called oxytocin. This hormone has both positive and negative effects on behavior. On the negative side, it can increase anxiety and stress. On the positive side, it increases feelings of pleasure, cuddliness, and desire. This positive effect was manifest in Cindy, who was not ovulating during the experiment. Her overall mood remained the same, but she felt less stress and anxiety when dating Winston.

Lift Your Spirits…Quite Literally

Lifting weights has been proven to increase your mood by increasing testosterone levels which are linked to higher mood. This will make you feel happy and lift your spirits…quite literally. If you’re feeling low, lifting weights will make you feel better because it releases endorphins.

The satisfaction you get from weight training is also amazing. Knowing that you can lift those weights correctly and you out of your mind is really satisfying.

Incorporate weight training into your weekly schedule, just two or three times a week. You’ll notice a nice surge of endorphins during your workout, and then the remainder of the day long lasting endorphin rush.