What is SkiErg? The Best SkiErg Workout Routines for You

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Looking for a substitute for rowing machine?

If you are tired of hitting the gym and have not found a good exercise equipment to replace the rowing machine, then you should try a SkiErg machine.

At first, a SkiErg may appear to be a combination of ski and machine, but the name is actually an abbreviation of Skiing/ergometer which means a device that measures the user’s work or energy expenditure.

Because of the ergometer feature, you will find both indoor and outdoor facilities including the SkiErg in fitness centers, cross-country ski venues and warmer climates during winter.

But what does SkiErg do?

Compared to the rowing machine, SkiErg is more like a stationary and unsupported rowing motion.

The SkiErg offers a full-body cardio workout. It complements the muscles in arms, legs, core, upper and lower body, and upping your energy expenditure quickly.

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1. Concept2 SkiErg Floor Stand

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Concept2 SkiErg Floor Stand

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  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Sturdy
  • Strong resistance
  • Water bottle holder


  • A bit expensive, but the high price is worth it for a quality product.

The SkiErg’s name is an abbreviation for “Skating Ergometer”. It is essentially a rowing machine that operates on a special mechanism. It also requires a special boat so that it can support your body weight as it moves.

When you use a SkiErg machine, you can perform a workout that is very similar to the experience of pushing the boat with your legs while rowing. This is a challenging exercise that generates several benefits.

2. Concept2 SkiErg

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Concept2 SkiErg

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CrossFitters know that rowing is one of the best exercises for building strength and fitness while also getting an insane cardiovascular workout. This SkiErg machine is one of the best cardio workouts in addition to being a great strength training machine.

CrossFitters will love being able to do some of their classic strength training moves on the SkiErg machine. The SkiErg is a powerhouse that gives everyone the opportunity to perform at their best during all of your training sessions.

The SkiErg is designed for maximum feedback and adjustability. It is also designed to be compact, making it perfect for home use or the office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the SkiErg a good workout?

SkiErg is an indoor rowing machine used for training of elite olympic rowers. Heavier than a rowing machine it is used for training for distance event like 10000m and other endurance events. Expensive like every other piece of equipment in elite sports it does not make sense to buy a SkiErg for home use unless you are really into sports.

However, they are not good for fitness. Using it with enough intensity does not provide enough resistance to really be a good cardio workout if that is what you are looking for. If you are looking for a good cardio workout an elliptical training machine, a bike or even a good treadmill is a much better choice.

What muscles do the SkiErg work?

Essentially the ski erg is a free-weight type of machine, but one designed to assist the rower towards the end of each stroke. This is an important feature in that it allows the user to generate a very high power output in as little time as possible, which is required when races of 500m or less need to be completed.

Is a SkiErg worth it?

Many athletes have used the SkiErg for training in their own gyms because it is so compact and easy to use. The SkiErg is an elliptical that works the upper and lower body and is incredibly efficient to use. You can do interval training on a SkiErg and have no wasted movement or energy.

In less than 15 minutes, you can do an incredibly challenging workout that improves your cardio and strength as well as having a growing benefit. The SkiErg is a rowing machine, but it is more of a cross between a rowing machine and a treadmill.

What is a good 500m SkiErg time?

2:30. Good times start around four and a half minutes.


A few years ago, Concept2 introduced the SkiErg machine, and since then it has been one of the best indoor cardio machines you can find in gymnasiums all over the world. It relies on the same principles of rowing, and helps with conditioning for such activities as skiing, running and other cardio-intensive sports.

It is also an ideal piece of equipment for anyone who is looking to build up a very strong and powerful lower body that can propel them forward while biking or running.

The SkiErg machine is easy to use, and it doesn’t take too long to totally build up aerobic fitness thanks to the fact that it engages so many different muscle groups.

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Concept2 SkiErg Floor StandBest OverallConcept2 SkiErg Floor Stand
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