Simple Exercises and Workouts at Home by Using Household Items

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Use Your Stairs

A big part of your fitness results will always correlate to how much work you put in. Because you can have a house full of expensive exercise equipment and still never see results if you don’t use it. So take advantage of your home’s features and use your stairs.

You can build your workout around climbing the stairs and get a great workout in that will elevate your heart rate and burn those calories. Just climbing up and down the stairs between 3-5 times will increase your heart rate and build muscle at the same time.

Beyond that basic stair workout, you can also incorporate some exercises and dance moves into what you’re already doing. You can switch up your workout routine and use the stairs as if you’re walking up or down them, you can use a squat and then lunge up on every stair, you can be on all fours to crawl up the stairs, you can walk up and down with your hands extended out to your sides for balance and you can alternate between a walk and a jog as you climb the stairs.

The stairs also provide a great opportunity for you to learn how to pick up your pace and get quicker. One of the best ways to do this is to put a bit of a sprint into the last seven to 10 steps.

Repurpose Empty Jugs

Jugs are very handy. You may use them for washing and storing water, but did you know that they can also be used in a number of exercises? Fill a jug with water or sand and you have a weight for bench pulls and squats.

Repurpose a jug as a dumbbell by filling it with liquid, sand or small items, such as old buttons.

Do push-ups from your knees, by putting the jug on the floor in front of you.

Do curls, triceps push ups, and planks with a jug.

Fill a jug with water for a water-weighted workout that mimics a jog.

Dip a jug in paint thinner, fill the jug with rocks, and use your new weight for squats or bench presses.

Work Out with Chairs

Heavy exercise equipment can be expensive, but you can work out with chairs for free. Chairs are everywhere, and they’re all designed to support your body. Even if you don’t look like you’re getting a great workout, chairs can help you strengthen your muscles for just about any activity in your life, and may even look more comfortable than some workout options.


This one is simple. Sit on the edge of a chair, and push yourself back off it until you’re sitting upright. Do this with one leg, then the other. Switch. Do this ten times, and switch body directions (left and right).

Static Lower Back

You can also stretch the lower back by holding onto the back of a chair. Lift both feet off the floor and let the hip and left over. Lean forward, but not too far. Switch sides. Do this up to three times.


Stand in front of a chair, gripping its back. Push your arms back and raise your chest. Hold for five seconds. Switch to the other side. Do this up to three times.

Pectorals and Biceps

Raise your hand up to the back of the chair. Dangle your arms and rotate. Do this up to three times on each side.

Incorporate a Towel

One of the top exercises that you can do at home is to incorporate a Towel Routine into your day. It’s really easy to do and can be done with just a towel and a simple wall.

One of the best ways to do the Towel Routine is to start with your shoulders. Place the towel on the wall and lean your shoulder against it. Bring your opposite shoulder towards the towel.

You can hold this position for several seconds and then take a step back. Make sure that your shoulders remain still.

You can repeat this exercise on each shoulder a few times. If you have a shoulder or elbow injury, it’s best to avoid this exercise until you heal.

If you want to do the exercise with just your arm, you can do it on an elevated surface. If you’re able, you can do it on a higher platform, but if not, you can just use the edge of a large book or an easy chair.

You can also combine the Towel Routine exercise with other exercises, such doing crunches or other abs exercises.

The Towel Routine exercises are great for improving flexibility and circulation. They also help to eliminate the kinks in your neck and shoulders that can come from sitting at work or on the couch for too long.

Add Intensity with a Basketball

Use this great fitness gift to make an ordinary push-up more challenging. Get into your standard push-up position, with both feet together and hands placed at shoulder distance.

Grab a basketball, then hold it securely at opposite sides of your waist as you remain in the plank position. Lower yourself as usual, then raise yourself back up. Then lower, and raise yourself back up one more time. That’s one rep.

On the next set, try to complete two push-ups with the basketball, then three sets, and so on. The more you can hold the basketball, the more difficult the exercise becomes. Be sure to switch hands so that your opposite hand on the ball provides the resistance as you go up and down.

This variation adds a full-body, rotational component to your push-up. Place your ball behind you so that it’s touching the back of your body. Lower yourself to start, and then press your arms out, along with the ball, while you push back up. This will work your chest, shoulders, and your core.

Tone with your Kitchen Counter

The kitchen counter is often viewed as a place where you prepare fine foods, but why not use it as a place to strengthen your core as well? Some simple exercises can be done with minimal equipment, no mat, and just using the counter as your platform.

Exercise 1:

This exercise begins by assuming an athletic stance and placing your hands with your elbows tucked in. Put your weight on your heels and bend forward with your knees.

Return for eight counts, hold for two counts, and repeat for 10-15 repetitions. You can also incorporate this movement by doing a variety of squatting movements using your dominant leg, then switching and doing the same movement using your other leg.

Exercise 2:

Another great seated core exercise is the side tilt. For this you’ll need your kitchen table. Ensure that the surface is stable before beginning the exercise. Ensure that your back is on the surface of the table in a seated position with your knees slightly bent.

Tense your abdominal muscles and lift one leg up and hold it for eight counts, then slowly lower it down for two counts. Return to the start position, and then repeat the movements for eight counts again, but this time, using the other legs.

Exercise 3:

Dirty Laundry Lifting

Dumbbells may cost a pretty penny, but you don’t have to go out and buy them. You can use your dirty laundry for this workout.

Buy a basket made specifically for holding laundry. This will keep it organized in the washing machine and when it’s time to use it in the exercise.

Stack the basket full of clothing – enough for you to hold and lift it with ease.

Carry the basket to the basement or your workout area.

Pick up the basket with each hand and grip it tightly between your thighs.

Lift the basket in front of you.

Lower it back down with control.

Work quickly through this exercise. Time yourself.

Repeat the exercise until the basket is empty.

Record your times so you can keep track of your progress.


How is the weather outside? Well it’s still freezing outside! But you still need to remember to take care of yourself. Why not do a few exercises in the comfort of your own home?

No more paying for expensive gym memberships or even cheap ones too. One of the best ways to save money is to do simple exercises and workouts at home using household items. These workouts not only help you save your money from gym expenses but also help you save time.

Below are some of the most common exercises and workouts that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home. All you need are these items –

Towels … that’s right!

You can do these variety of exercises using only a towel! All you need to do is wrap the towel around the exercise equipment you have –

First, set up the towel near your door. Grab the ends of the towel and use your right foot to wrap it around your left foot to grab the towel ends. Repeat this with the same foot on the opposite leg. Both feet are now attached by the towel.

Second, grab the towel with your hands and bend down to touch the ground every other step … really make sure that your knees are not locked!