Running in the Morning vs. Afternoon vs. Evening – When is the Best Time to Run?

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What are the Benefits of Running in the Morning?

If you run in the morning, you’re more likely to keep up that habit in the long run. Obviously, running in the morning means you have to get up slightly earlier, but if you’re committed to make exercise a part of your life, it’s worth it.

Some studies have also shown that running in the morning can enhance your mood. It can improve your mood because your body releases endorphins when you start exercising.

If you’re only starting out with running and you haven’t done it in a while, running in the morning can help set the mood for your day.

When you’re about to finish waking up in the morning, your body is going through all kinds of changes. Your body wakes up, starts releasing hormones, and you start feeling energized.

But do it later in the day and your mood may be set off track.

Running right before bed, also called “night-time running,” can actually help increase the quality of your sleep.

What are the Benefits of Running in the Afternoon?

If you’re a morning person who loves to get up early to exercise or run, then you know the joy that it can bring. You may feel refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day. This feeling only increases when you finish the day feeling like you accomplished something, even if that accomplishment is simply the continued success of your exercise and running routine.

But there are some benefits to exercising later in the day as well. When you exercise in the early evening, you are more likely to feel better overall when it’s time to go to bed. There will also be less chance that your body temperature will make you feel sweaty and sticky as you climb into bed. You’re probably used to being a little tired when you’re getting into bed, but your body temperature will be less likely to make you feel sleepier.

Running later in the day is also a great way to prevent missing a run day during your busy day. Depending on your schedule, you can make it a mid-morning or afternoon run instead of taking up a solid chunk of your morning.

If your day is already jam-packed with meetings and appointments, this is an effective way to ensure that you are still able to work fitness into your day.

What are the Benefits of Running in the Evening?

The secret to running in the evening is that you get to run after the day’s meandering is over. The day’s stresses and hassles have been dealt with, and you are free to enjoy the evening.

Running allows you to take in your surroundings and allows you to revel in the evening in a way you never could during the day.

Is There REALLY the Best Time of the Day to Run?

The common wisdom is that running in the morning is the best. This is firstly based on the theory that stimulating your body to get up and run early in the morning can be very healthy for you. Plus, if you run in the mornings, you’ll have the day ahead of you to continue your day. You also have the mental benefit of feeling good right after you have run.

Running in the evening is not recommended simply because many people like to relax when they get home from work. Many runners find that it is very hard to get up and start running again when they have already been sitting around for several hours. However, there are benefits of running in the evening. Evening running allows you to burn off some of the calories you might have consumed that day, and you can also feel a psychological lift from the exercise.

Running in the evening is also recommended for those who are going out that evening or who have plans for the evening. Afternoon runners are advised to run outside in the early morning or late afternoon.

Why run in the morning?

It is well documented that your body temperature is naturally at its highest point between 4 and 8 a.m. … you burn a little more fat and have greater cardiovascular benefits than you do at any other time of day.

Another reason is that it’s easier to get started! You are up and active, and you have less mental resistance to doing something by default. It’s just part of your day by that point. It’s also easier to get moving in the morning after you’ve spent some time taking care of your body and eating a healthy breakfast.

You are more likely to have a routine, too, so you’re more likely to have a running route that you can do easily without too much thought. I highly recommend that you deduct the amount of time that it takes you to stop and go on a run. Many people don’t want to take this extra time into account when they try to plan on running at a certain time. Once you consider that, the time that it takes you to get a run in in the morning is much smaller than you think.

How about the afternoon?

Running in the afternoon may be even better because it has the advantage of burning more calories and flexibility in your schedule. If your schedule gets hectic, you can still run at the same time when you’d normally run.

Although afternoons may be a little busier, running at this time reduces the chances of running into other people.

The best time to run depends on your schedule. You can choose the time of the day that you enjoy the most.


It’s my favorite time to run and not just because I’m a morning person.

The morning time has other benefits as well. The path I use is relatively less crowded and my mind is fresh.

Morning runs are invigorating.

It’s my favorite way to start the day.

Morning offers you a clean slate. There’s nothing that happened earlier on that you need to deal with. To me, it’s the best part of the day.

What’s the time of day when you are at your best? If you’re a morning person, then agree with me and run in the morning. If you’re not, then run in the evening.

Maybe go for an evening run?

In the morning, the body is charged with sugar due to heavy intake of carbohydrates during the prior day.

The sugar is burned very quickly and is used for normal body functions and in exercise activities.

The body is still fairly rested from uninterrupted sleep and is prepared for a full day of activity.

In the afternoon, the sugar levels are higher for normally occurring circumstances, making it harder to lose weight.

The body is still recovering from the activities of the morning.

The body has experienced some moderately heavy activity, and you will feel more fatigued.

The body is starting to relax prior to the end of the day, so going out for a run may leave you’t feeling too refreshed.

In the evening, the body is charged with sugar due to heavy intake of carbohydrates during the prior day.

The sugar is burned very quickly and is used for normal body functions and in exercise activities.

The body is still fairly rested from uninterrupted sleep and is prepared for a full day of activity.

You will feel more refreshed after a night of rest and are more likely to have an easier time getting out of bed.

These are the best times to exercise:

  • In the morning
  • At lunch time
  • In the afternoon

Are You Running Towards a Race Day?

If you are getting ready to run a race, there are some extra considerations.

Get to the event early and make sure you are acclimatized to the new environment. The most important thing you can do to ensure you are at your best is to be well rested. If you have had problems with insomnia in the past, talking to your doctor is always a good idea.

If you’ve never raced before, sometimes it is hard to know what to wear. These days, most races don’t require you to wear shorts and a t-shirt, as that is uncomfortable. So if you can’t practice your outfit in advance, pick out something you feel comfortable in.

Don’t wear anything too loose, interfere with your form or cause any problems. If your sunglasses make you fidget, don’t wear them. If your race is having a silent race, don’t wear headphones. Pick out the right shoes specifically for the run … just make sure they are comfortable. Running in uncomfortable shoes is a very easy way to injure yourself.


Despite that fact that some people run in the evening after the office. The best time for running is in the morning, and I will explain why.

For me, I always feel better if I run first thing in the morning. If I decide to run in the evening after work, my day always becomes busy, and it is more difficult for me to maintain a regular schedule.

I recommend running in the morning or at lunch or on your lunch break. You can also plan your day around your runs.

At the end of the day though, it’s your body and your pace that matters the most. Do what you can and what you feel comfortable with.

Also, don’t forget that morning run is very essential for weight loss, boosting metabolism and energy.