How to Get Fit and Live a Healthier Life Starting Today

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Exercise and eat clean

If you want to have excellent health then you must exercise and eat clean. It’s the best way to achieve that body that you have always wanted. Just by eating right and doing exercise, you can ensure that you will be living and vibrant and that your body will be strong.

The most important thing that you should do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to exercise. It’s an important habit to have in your life. You should be able to do exercise not only to maintain your health but also to enhance it. Many people around the world tend to consider it as the best way to change their body but what they don’t know is that it does more than just improve the body.

It’s important to understand that you should always go beyond the requirements in order for you to achieve an excellent body. For example, instead of doing just 10 push-ups, try to do 30 or more.

Be more active every day

The biggest thing you can do to improve your health is to move more.

That doesn’t just mean getting out for a run or hitting the gym … it means walking around more, standing up and taking breaks once an hour to do a couple of squats, and parking further away from the entrance to your office or the store.

Bicycle for greater distances

If you are looking for a great cardio workout that does not require you to spend too much money, then you should invest in a bicycle. Bicycling is an excellent way to get into shape because it helps you to burn calories. You can burn more calories by using a low resistance or by going faster.

Putting in the miles can also help. If you use your bicycle to get around then you will get even better results. If you live in a city then you can purchase a bike that is a little more comfortable but if you live in the country then you can ride an inexpensive bike. Any bike that you purchase should have quick-release tires and hand brakes. You can easily make your bike more comfortable by adding back and seat. The seat should be one that is in between your thighs.

Longboard for shorter distances

What if we told you that you can burn more calories per mile on a longboard than you can on a skateboard? It’s true! Even if you slow down and ride with a more leisurely pace, you’ll burn more calories because your weight is over your body longer.

First, there’s what the professionals call the W125 stance, named for the amount of time a skater spends in the air on each foot. In this stance, the skater spends exactly 125% of their time on each foot. The easiest way to achieve this is to stand with your left foot planted, and your head facing forward. Now, pop your right foot up so that you can place it on the board, and when you drop back down, you’ll be looking down at the ground. The idea is that your weight is shifted over the board 125% on each foot.

Now, let’s compare that to longboarding. Longboarders can stay on the ground for three times as long. So if you weight 170 pounds, you’d be on the ground for 95% of each push, rather than just 28%. That means more calories burned at the same speed.

Walk whenever you can

Try to walk at least once a day for at least thirty minutes. If possible, try to walk two to three times a week for an hour each time. Make sure to use a pedometer…walking ten thousand steps a day is the goal! This will make a significant impact on your health, energy level, and productivity.

If you have a regular walk you take every day, and you’re healthy enough to work it into your schedule, then stick with that routine. If you’re just getting started, you can walk around your neighborhood for fifteen to twenty minutes, or take a twenty-minute stroll around a mall.

Change your attitude

If you want to make a healthy lifestyle change that you can maintain for the long-term, your only hope is to think about it as a lifestyle change and not a diet.

If you are always looking for a quick solution, you are more likely to fall back to your old (unhealthy) habits than if you make long-term changes in your thinking and your lifestyle.

A diet is usually a temporary thing. For weight loss, it is usually 90 days or so. However, a lifestyle change is something that you possibly want to do for the rest of your life.

You need to change your motivation and reasons for doing it. This is so important that you can not know that it is likely that you will give it all a go for a couple of weeks.

Something happened in the past, and you would like to change it. If you think, for example, that you must lose weight, you are likely not going to continue with it long. Give yourself a new start in this area.

Do something positive for yourself. Instead of thinking about how much you hate your body, you think about what you can do to get rid of all the negative feelings you have about your body.

It’s all about changing your mindset and your way of thinking about it.