How to Get Abs: Home Workout Ideas and Gear

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Modified Sit-Ups

If you want to develop a tight, ripped waist and avoid that belly pooch, you may need some modified sit-ups in your program.

To start, lie on your back on the floor or exercise mat with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground in a fairly wide stance. Cross your arms over your chest and rest your forehead on them as you lift your shoulders as high as you can, hold for ten seconds, then slowly lower yourself.

If you’re struggling to hold this position, you can add weight to your feet by wearing a weight vest. For added intensity, raise your shoulders with your arms still by your side. Try a cane press against a wall to hold your shoulders in position.

Two popular exercises to increase core strength include planks and side planks.

Planks are designed to increase core strength along your torso specifically. This is a tough exercise, so beginners should avoid trying to do too much too quickly.

To perform a plank on the floor, begin on your hands and knees. Step your feet back so that your shoulders are directly over your hands. Press your weight through your hands and toes until your torso is in a straight line and your body is in a bridge position with your limbs straight