The Far-reaching Benefits of Calisthenics – Why You Should Try It

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What is Calisthenics?

You will probably have noticed some teenagers doing calisthenics in your local park. In fact, you might even have seen some adults doing it too. But what exactly is calisthenics? Why are people doing it? How will it improve your fitness? And how do you do it correctly?

Calisthenics is a form of exercise which is typically practiced outdoors. It consists of moves which require little to no equipment. The word “calisthenics” literally means physical culture. It is a form of exercise which is practiced for optimal fitness and to increase overall body strength.

Calisthenics usually consist of body weight exercises which only utilize the body itself. These exercises focus on muscular strength and flexibility. Such exercises are also known as body weight training or resistance training.

Unlike formal weightlifting exercise, calisthenics do not need any equipment except for your own body. But that doesn’t mean that calisthenics are easy. To the contrary, they are actually more challenging than gym-based exercises. But just because calisthenics exercise is harder, it doesn’t mean that it’s not great or useful.

The Far-reaching Benefits of Calisthenics

When you talk about body-weight exercises, one of the first things that comes to mind is calisthenics. It all started with street workout and freestyle, but there’s a lot more to it.

What is calisthenics? It is a great way to work out without weights or any equipment other than your own body. Simple movements can be performed just about anywhere, and you will be getting the most benefits without spending a ton of money on equipment. Since you are using your own body weight, the results will be incredibly challenging and focused on pure bodyweight strength.

Calisthenics is also known as “bodyweight training,” but is not to be confused with yoga. Yoga has a lot of flexibility training that involves stretching the body, and calisthenics is a move that will get you stronger, even if you don’t consider yourself to be in shape. This will give you the opportunity to develop your “functional strength” to do nearly anything you want in life, and recover from injuries faster than ever before.

Calisthenics + Modern Lifestyle = A Perfect Match

Today’s modern lifestyle is filled with sedentary activities. Many of us tend to spend much more time sitting, whether it’s at work, in the car, or binge-watching our favorite trashy TV shows. And when we do exert ourselves, we tend to do so at a more moderate pace during our recreational or social activities.

That's simply the way life is in the 21st century, and it's perfectly natural. But long-term inactivity isn't great for us, and those who have a sedentary lifestyle are at a greater risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

Luckily, there's a fun and easy way to get more out of life without having to spend hours doing physical labor every day on the job. It's called calisthenics, a type of exercises that can be performed anywhere, does not require any equipment, and can get you into peak health without much work at all.

In less than a decade, calisthenics has become one of the most popular forms of exercises and has been adopted by people all around the world.

Calisthenics is Goal-oriented

When you work out with calisthenics, you have specific, measurable goals: ten repetitions, one more rep, or maybe improving your own record. When you set these goals, you’re training yourself to see how good you can get at it.

It doesn’t matter if someone else is doing better than you, and that’s the wonderful thing about it. Following the bar progression in calisthenics helps you to specialize in your goal. You usually target a specific part of your body or skill that you want to improve.

For example, if you’re trying to improve your pull-ups, you would have checkmarks under the corresponding move.

In addition to working out for the physical benefits, you’re also working out to improve yourself mentally so that you can achieve your goals. You’re not competing against anyone else; you’re competing against your own previous records.

That sense of accomplishment you get when you achieve your own goal is worth more than any muscle you can build.

You’re also pushing yourself to the limit, challenging yourself and reaching that next level.

Calisthenics Targets the Large Muscle Groups

To Build Strength And Burn Off That Stubborn Fat!

When I started strength training at the age of 13 it was not because I wanted to achieve a great looking body, oh no…

I simply wanted to get strong and be able to move objects like my Dads at the time. That was it, I just wanted to be able to move things I could otherwise not move.

However, muscle tissue being what it is I found it was very easy to build lean muscle and put on some extra pounds of lean muscle.

This led to a change in physique as well as in overall health and well being of course.

The result was a lean body with some nice looking muscles, I could also move objects much easier than ever before too, so I was really satisfied with the results.

My personal story is not much different from the stories of countless other people who have discovered calisthenics and the many benefits it holds.

The real difference is the fact that I am still experiencing these same benefits and many more.

I am over 65 now and I have used calisthenics as a method of achieving and maintaining a great physique my entire life.

Calisthenics have granted me a great physique that I am really proud of and I have certainly had my share of admiring looks from the opposite sex throughout my entire life.

Calisthenics is More than a Muscle Builder

These exercises strengthen your body and, most importantly, your mind.

Calisthenics uses your own body weight as resistance making it the ultimate freedom exercise. It’s all you need to get stronger, move better and live more fully.

You Can Use Calisthenics to Beat Obesity

To build a strong lower body, you want to jump as much as you can. Jumping is the ultimate movement. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment, makes you move faster, and can even help burn calories and lose weight.

You may not realize it, but running is all about jumping. You generate power when you push off the ground with your legs and push your body up off the ground. This is done through your hip flexors and core muscles. You want to build those powerful muscles.

Your belly fat is often from a weak core. It’s not just about eating healthy and burning those calories, you also have to prepare your body to use those calories. While you could do it in the gym, those “traditional” calisthenics exercises are far more effective.

You are Part of the Tribe

So, your budget is spending a fortune on gym membership and equipment. But you want to do something better, more natural, and more consistent. You can.

You exercise in all the things you do every day … walking, standing, and working.

That is why it is called ‘no-equipment’ workout. You can exercise anywhere. All that you need is your body, although a wall or other sturdy object could come in handy to help with the push-ups and pull-ups.

The great thing about simple calisthenics is that anybody can do it. Not just the physically fit.

With just a little practice, you can perform a few simple moves, such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks. Mastering these moves is easy.

There is so little equipment involved with calisthenics and bodyweight exercises that anybody can do it with ease. You do not have to save hours to join a gym, or wait in line for the equipment that you need.

You can save a lot of money by choosing just a few exercises to work on. It can be as little as three minutes a day to improve your fitness and health.

Final Verdict on Calisthenics

If you want to get into better shape or just get in a better place with your health in general, there is no better way than adding calisthenics exercises to your workout routine. As you can see, calisthenics can improve strength, flexibility and build muscle.

Since it is a great way to stay in shape, you will be able to do more and have more energy than you ever thought possible. You will be less tired and worn out when you have calisthenics added to your workout.

This form of exercise is great for fitness and strength training, and it will make you a better athlete overall. Integrate it into your workout today and you are sure to get better results.