6 CrossFit Workout Programs for Women: Videos, Resources & Books

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YouTube Workouts that Include a CrossFit Workout Program for Women

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Workout videos are great for a number of reasons, including how convenient they are and how they make it easy to get a good quality workout in right at home. While there are a lot of free workout videos on YouTube, the YouTube fitness community is also full of some passionate and dedicated people who have invested in producing their own quality content.

One of the things I like about a lot of these channels is they provide you with a good mix of workouts that include high quality videos that have been professionally filmed and voiceovers with good workout instructions.

Some of the channels are focused on the Paleo lifestyle, others are more about the lifting programs, but all are a good resource for some great workout ideas and a change in your routine.

Also, as you will see, some of these channels include the “Fit For Life 4 Women” program, which is great for crossfit workouts for beginners.

I will discuss the FitForLife4Women videos in more detail below, but I wanted to include links to a few other YouTube channels that I have found to be a valuable resource for workout ideas. When you click on each link, you’ll see a mix of workout videos, some of which include stick figure videos that are really good for beginners.

POPSugar Fitness

CrossFit Basics Youtube video on the Prevoxin Chanel

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on 10 general physical skills. It is constantly varied and high intensity.

It is not for beginners and it will kick your ass.

CrossFit women generally have a hard time finding workouts they can do at home. Unless you can hang from a pull up bar or have a power rack and barbell set, you might want to visit a CrossFit gym.

So let's give CrossFit women what they're looking for.

Here are some CrossFit workouts we've picked out that focus on weights and body weight. We've also tried to include different ab workouts and workouts that you can do without a gym entirely.

Remember that you don't have to do all of them. Try one, see how you like it and then try another if that one didn't work for you.

Top 12 Battle Rope Exercises for fast weight loss

If you ever needed that extra kick of motivation, then you need to jump rope.

Rope jumping is an awesome callisthenic workout that will help you keep up with your New Year’s resolutions.

It is effective and simple, which is why it is our first recommendation in this article.

Now there are many ways to jump rope, so it is important that you pick a way that works best for you.

Here are 12 battle rope exercises to help you out:

The Jumping Jack: This exercise is easier than it looks!

Just stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width. Lift your knees up as you simultaneously bring your arms up. Now, move your arms and legs in the same way as you monitor your own pace.

The Mountain Climber: This is a tougher one that will challenge your balance and cardio.

Get into the push-up position and keep your shoulders directly over your wrists. Now raise one leg at a time towards the sky in a mountain climbing motion, alternating legs.

The Next One Is Just Like It: To begin this one, get into the push-up position with your shoulders directly above your wrists. Now, bring your knee to one side. Alternate which one you do so that you hit both legs.

Fast & Dirty Circuit Workout with Alex Silver-Fagan

Alex Silver-Fagan is a Certified Fitness Trainer with over six years of experience in the Fitness industry. He has been working at the Milford Fitness and Training Center helping clients change their looks and reach their goal.

I am going to do a circuit workout for you so are we all ready? So before we start we are going to warm up a little bit getting going. Sit ups, jumping jacks and 90 degree we are going to do 3 sets of 35 we are going to bring your knees to your chest and straighten out.

We are going to do a heavy set of jumps if I don’t have enough space you will do what you can. (Jumping Jacks)

Then One More (Sit Ups)

Then jumping jacks. (jumping jacks)

20 Minute HIIT & CrossFit by Dena Maddie

This one starts with a warmup that will prepare your body for the HIIT workout. Next, you will do the HIIT protocol … a total of eight rounds, each followed by three reps of Air Squats.


In this warm-up you’ll be taking your time to get those muscles ready for the workout ahead. Focus on warming up your muscles slowly. Concentrate on your form and don’t rush — go as slowly as is needed to make sure that you are performing each move correctly.

Be sure to take time to increase your body heat in order to give those muscles the best possible workout. To do this, perform sequences of Bicycles and (side) Stepping Side Lunges.

Equipment You’ll Need: • A set of dumbbells. Ideally, you should start with a light weight to get your body warmed up. You can increase your weight in subsequent circuits if you’d like.

Duration: Do each of the moves in the circuit twice. Start with one minute of each of the first five moves, then 45 seconds of each of the next five moves, and finally 30 seconds of each of the last five moves. Breathe normally, and don’t hold your breath.

Official CrossFit WOD

You can find and view all the most recent and updated CrossFit workouts on the official CrossFit workout site.

To view the workouts, you’ll have to register for a free CrossFit account.

Once you’re logged in, you can select “Find a Workout” to see the most recent workouts CrossFit releases each week, and you can search on the homepage for past workouts if you’re trying to find something that was released a while back.

The official CrossFit site is a great way to get started and get accustomed to the CrossFit workout routine. However, it’s not for monitoring your workouts or tracking your fitness progress.

More Muscle Sculpting resources

Book 1 : The Beginner’s Guide to Complete Glutes Workout Program: Train your butt like never before with this beginners guide to the glutes workout

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Hardcopy + Kindle Book

Looking for more variety in your crossfit workouts? This 3-in-1 bundle has you covered, with a hard copy book, a kindle version with videos, and digital access to the workouts themselves (videos + pdf) for offline use.

“All in all, a very inspiring read with many awesome training plans from different levels. I love how this book appeals to all ages and makes me want to get off the couch and hit the gym. It’s a perfect book for a beginner because it’s full of great ideas that you can mix and match to tailor the workout to your personal goal and experience level!”

Johnathan C.

Kindle Only Book

6 CrossFit Workout Programs for Women: Video, Resources & Books is a comprehensive program that was handpicked by the author, Darby Cisneros, as the best 6 books, videos, and training programs that will help you get your first CrossFit workout program for women or update your CrossFit workout program.

You will get access to (6) six valuable crossfit resources for women that relate to CrossFit specific workouts for women. The goal of this Book is to be an essential resource guide that covers a large range of women’s CrossFit.

As the thousands of individuals who practice CrossFit have different goals, this is a comprehensive system that is designed to help you find the exact CrossFit workout for women you need. Here’s a quick peek at what they’ll get from this comprehensive fitness book:

  • CrossFit Women overview
  • The philosophy of CrossFit
  • The history of CrossFit
  • CrossFit community and competition
  • Why are there no CrossFit workouts for women?
  • Workout for Women vs Men
  • Women and Paleo Foods
  • Body Fat & Nutrition
  • Best CrossFit Workout for Women
  • CrossFit Women Video Resources
  • CrossFit Women Fitness Books

The most comprehensive fitness book on how CrossFit workouts for women and weight training.

Crossfit Workouts with Girly Names

Have you heard of powerlifting, met-cons and CrossFit levels? If you are a CrossFit girl, you will probably have encountered them. Below, we will detail some of the different workout programs you will probably encounter as a CrossFit girl.

The Girl’s Guide to Crossfit Workouts

In her book, The Girl‒s Guide to Crossfit, Heather Kessinger explains the workout methods and nutrition information required to get your body fit and toned. In it, you will find chapters on bodyweight exercises and kettlebell exercises. You will also find a range of nutrition concepts.

The book is a practical guide which offers an abundance of tips, techniques and strategies to lead to your goal. You will learn how to set up a fitness plan and a nutrition plan that is designed to fit your lifestyle, so that you can achieve your desired body shape.

One of the most common misconceptions people have about CrossFit is that women can’t do it at all. For one reason or another, many people think CrossFit is only meant for men. While there is no doubt that CrossFit is a male-dominated area, there is always room for women to fit in.

Info for beginners who want to build their own gym

You can find tons of info on the Internet. Videos, articles, books, e-books, audio books and workouts from professionals: all this may be confusing. It’s hard to know what information to trust.

This is a step by step guide for you (and for me too). It’s not an extensive guide. There are plenty of them. I just wanted to give you some idea of how I started CrossFit, some info on the different boxes in my area, and the best ways to start if you are a beginner. This is applicable if you want to workout at home, too.

That Covers It

Well, after getting through the research I hope you have come to the conclusion that CrossFit is a great fit for everyone. It can be especially effective if you are looking to find the best results for your training program.

If you are a beginner, you will love CrossFit. It is the perfect way to start your fitness journey because it is made for people of all skill levels. It is challenging enough to get you in amazing shape and give you plenty of opportunities to see your own progress.

If you have been doing regular workouts, CrossFit will challenge you to take your training to the next level. It will test you physically and mentally and provide you with a challenge every step of the way. No matter what level you are, CrossFit will help you get in the best shape of your life.

If you are serious about your fitness levels, then start exploring the programs you see in the videos and books you have seen on your research.

I hope that you now have an appreciation for CrossFit and you see it as a great way to add some fun to your fitness levels.

I recommend that you try it!

Take the first step and get your training started today.

You will always find it challenging and fun.