TOP 12 Best Yoga Wheels Reviewed 2022 – Take Your Practice to the Next Level!

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Thinking about setting up a yoga studio in your house?

Have you always wanted to attempt to do a head stand but you just haven't been able to hold it?

Maybe you just enjoy yoga and want to get your body in the right shape to do it.

No matter what your motives, buying the right yoga wheel is an important step to getting your yoga practice to the next level.

I researched what customers were saying about their best yoga wheel. I talked to experts in the field, and I spent a lot of time testing out different wheels myself.

I bring all this research together in this concise and informative guide on the best yoga wheels on the market.

I also included a guide on how to find the right yoga wheel for your body.

So without further ado, let’s get to learning.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel –Best OverallUpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel -
pete's choice Dharma Yoga WheelBudget Pickpete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel
UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel SetUpgrade PickUpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel –

Our rating: 9 / 10

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel -

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This is by far the most comfortable wheel I’ve tried at home. The foam-filled edges make it easy to manage (no more bruising knees!) and the material is so smooth, almost like leather, and not sticky as you might expect.

The most valuable feature of this affordable option is the integrated levelling feet that make it universally stable and very sturdy. This is a big deal to me, as any instability makes it far less effective and comfortable for support, so the stable platform is a big win.

Though the material is comfortable for sitting on, it’s definitely not meant to be used with bare skin. The foam will wear off and leave chunks behind, leaving you with a hole by the end of the year (I’ve already got a couple – the exposed foam is super hard and makes my hands feel achy and raw just from gripping it).

2. Gaiam Yoga Wheel

Our rating: 9 / 10

Gaiam Yoga Wheel

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  • Soft and comfortable
  • Heavy and stable
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Does not slip or slide on floors
  • Affordable
  • Made of natural rubber that is stick resistant


  • Outside of wheel can get hot during hot yoga
  • Wheels might be too small for some people

The Yoga Wheel by Gaiam is a wonderful yoga prop that you can literally take with you anywhere. It’s like a portable practice mat, allowing you to work on poses that cannot be done without proper body alignment and opening. The wheel itself is about 30.7 inches in diameter. It’s covered in a smooh natural rubber that can be easily cleaned.

Gaiam recommends sitting up in a chair with your feet on the floor. Slowly lean back and put the back of your head on the wheel while your arms are on the floor. Allow your back to arch as you slide the wheel towards your head. Now arch your back as you slide the wheel away from your head. Repeat this motion ten times.

It weighs 2 pounds. It is made of natural rubber and polyurethane. It does have ventilation holes, but some people reported that they could feel the heat that was radiating up from the floor to their legs.

3. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

Our rating: 8 / 10

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

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  • Roll them on the floor along with you as you do each pose.
  • Great for opening up your hips, and rolling back and head.
  • Lightweight roll-up design is very easy to transport and carry in your bag.
  • Great for any Pilates ball routine.

The diameter size of these blocks is a little bit smaller than a yoga mat. So for older persons or a little tight hips might feel a little challenge to grab hold of the blocks.

The UpCircleSeven is made of a high-quality natural rubber that is quite durable and strong. It comes with 3 sets, and each set comes with a different size. Each set includes:

  • 12-inch ball (that measures 12 inches long x 8 inches wide x 5.75 inches thick).
  • 10-inch ball (that measures 10 inches long x 6.75 inches wide x 4.75 inches thick).
  • 6-inch ball (that measures 6 inches long x 4 inches wide x 3.5 inches thick).

4. Nature's Integrity Yoga Wheel 13"

Our rating: 8 / 10

Nature's Integrity Yoga Wheel 13"

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  • Portable – Can be quickly rolled up and put away or quickly moved in a classroom setting.
  • Good for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
  • Soft texture allows for a good grip.
  • Comes with a free ebook that offers many different suggestions on using the wheel to help improve practice and fix common problems in your technique.


  • The radius is generally too small for many yoga exercises.
  • The inside is not as soft and grippy as it could be.

Our final pick is a yoga wheel designed for the frequent traveler, the Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheel.

This wheel has a radius of 13 inches and a soft velvety texture. It is designed to be portable and lightweight for your convenience.

The wheel also has a hand pump allowing you to easily adjust its size, making it a great pair for your next yoga retreat. It is made from eco-friendly foam that is biodegradable and non-toxic. It is also backed up with a one-year warranty.

5. pete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

Our rating: 8 / 10

pete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

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  • Sturdy, lightweight, and easy to transport
  • Great for increasing flexibility
  • Viscoelastic polymer foam core
  • Free bonus eBook
  • Free eco-friendly Yoga Strap
  • Stands up to wear and tear
  • 6-months money back guarantee


  • Average customer review rating of 4 stars instead of a full 5 (probably because many people do not know how to use it properly).

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is my first pick. This simple, lightweight yoga wheel from Dharma Yoga Products is a great way to take your practice to the next level.

Made of durable polyethelyne, the wheel comes with a selection of accessories including a free bonus eBook and a free eco-friendly Yoga Strap. It also includes a step-by-step easy yoga guide so you can learn how to properly use the Yoga Wheel.

Included is a video tutorial (worth more than the cost of the wheel itself) in which the creator of the Dharma Yoga Wheel, Craig Stuart Sapp, shows you how to use the equipment. In the video, Sapp discusses the benefits of using a yoga wheel, and demonstrates a number of yoga poses you can use with the wheel.

6. REEHUT Yoga Wheel

Our rating: 8 / 10

REEHUT Yoga Wheel

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  • Prevent and relief back pain
  • Comes with sturdy carrying strap
  • Soft padding for comfort
  • 100% pure natural rubber
  • Durable, comfortable, washable
  • Easy to use, exercise carries, stability, bending, arching
  • Good balance
  • Suction feet
  • Suitable for any yoga exercise


  • Pricy
  • No free eBook

A Yoga Wheel is a must have!

Perfect for core strengthening as well as for stretching and increasing flexibility, this yoga wheel from REEHUY is heavier duty then any other wheel on the market.

Made of Natural Rubber, offering you Total Comfort and the Highest Quality, Strap to an exercise ball so you can roll and stretch in your yoga for a much more complete workout!

7. Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel

Our rating: 7 / 10

Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel

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  • Strong, effective and eco-friendly construction. The cork acts as a natural shock absorber and will not split like plastic wheels.
  • Excellent for back bends, yoga and pilates. Wheel supports your back during back bends and extends your spine preventing it from popping out of alignment.
  • Smooth riding. Wheel glides effortlessly on your floor for a great yoga practice.
  • Great ergonomic design with contoured hand grips. Provides good grip and makes the practices much easier and safer.
  • Cushioned foam supports your hands and helps to improve your handstand.
  • Affordable.


  • However, it doesn't support the entire body weight, so it isn't effective for certain exercises such as shoulder stand, shoulder flies, leg stretches, child’s pose or high lunges.
  • You may need a yoga strap to use it for back bends.
  • You may need to tighten screws and nuts before your first use.
  • Five-minute folding and unfolding process.




8. BodyGood Cork Yoga Wheel. Pro Grade

Our rating: 7 / 10

BodyGood Cork Yoga Wheel. Pro Grade

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  • Increase wheel stability with peanut break.
  • Nylon cover for sweat protection.
  • High quality and latest technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • It will help you to improve your yoga back bend more easily.
  • You need not to worry about its design. It is suitable for any age group.
  • It is good to lie on the floor.
  • This cork yoga wheel will support to 500 pounds. Therefore any body type can use it.


  • No rain cover can be found.
  • Assembly it is a bit tricky.

This is a 13-inch yoga wheel and it can bear up to 500 pounds. It is made by non toxic material. Its treatment is also non toxic. Therefore you don’t need to worry about its quality. It can ensure your health.

It is a good product to effortlessly build balance and core strength as it challenges your body to reach new heights with more powerful poses.

It can help you to improve your yoga back bend. But you need to use it with peanut to make it more stable.

9. Dharma Yoga Wheel Basic

Our rating: 7 / 10

Dharma Yoga Wheel Basic

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Back pain is no stranger to anyone who carries a laptop, sits at a desk, or drives often. The simple act of sitting encourages the development of tight hinges in the lower back, which can lead to pain and injury.

This Yoga Wheel is made out of durable, natural rubber, and it features a sturdy hand strap and molded handles that are comfortable to grip. This Yoga Wheel is strong enough to withstand the pressures you can place on it, and it is available in three different diameters. The 8-inch diameter Yoga Wheel is ideal for most users, and it comes with complementary videos to help you get started with your Yoga journey.

This Yoga Wheel is ideal only for Yoga use. Zabuton cushions and other items can be used with it, but it may not be suitable for other activities.

10. Strong Resistance Strap

Our rating: 6 / 10

Strong Resistance Strap

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  • Can be used by anyone.
  • Nicely made.
  • Great quality materials.
  • Handles are comfortable.
  • A nice system for attachments.
  • Provides nice resistance.
  • Great for stretching and mobility.


  • A little bit of an adjustment period required due to the length of handles.
  • The Strong Resistance Strap with loops for stretching comes with a resistance training guide for workouts, a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, and 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • It has double coated PVC nylon, handles, and an extra long length which allows you to get a full range of motion and correct alignment of your body.

The strap is designed to fit virtually anyone (from beginner to advanced to physical therapy patients.)

It features non-slip and comfortable handle grips. It is highly durable, gives you the ability to add resistance, and delivers a great stretching workout.

The price of the product is great, and it includes a video and ebook instructional guide on how to use the product.

11. Yoga Arch Workout Wheel

Our rating: 6 / 10

Yoga Arch Workout Wheel

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This yoga wheel is suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts. It is a great alternative to expensive private yoga instructor training or physical therapy sessions.

This yoga wheel is suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts. It is a great alternative to expensive private yoga instructor training or physical therapy sessions.

It is made from very high quality material. It is very light weight and portable.

12. Mindful Yoga

Our rating: 6 / 10

Mindful Yoga

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Shoulders. It also assists with developing core strength.

The wheel comes with a solid non-tear, non-stretch guide. It is designed to

The body in positions that are more difficult to hold and maintain. It is an

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size yoga Wheel is best?

The standard size is 8 inches / 20 cm but many people prefer a wider diameter of 12 inches / 30 cm or 15 inches / 38 cm.

You can use any type of yoga wheel for yoga, Pilates, physio therapy and even rehabilitation.

Invented by Exercise Physiologist Ana Brett, the yoga wheel is a “gateway prop” that expands your practice of yoga beyond the mat. Used safely and properly, it can help you to strengthen, stretch, and balance you body while focusing the mind.

What is the best yoga wheel to buy?

There is many yoga wheel out there on the market ,but the latter we are going to compare is the YOGABODY Yoga Wheel. This yoga wheel is

Made with carbon steel and PU soft foam which makes it durable.

It comes with a free exercise guide.

It is only 9.8 pounds while some only come at the weight of 8 pounds.

It is designed with a grip which allows you to securely hold it.

The measurements of this yoga wheel are, around 14.5 x 14.5 x 8.5

It comes with a lifetime guarantee for customer satisfaction.

Is a yoga wheel worth it?

Experience a deeper sense of relaxation, achieve greater strength, flexibility and balance.

Thought rotating wheel – A Yoga Wheel with 4 wheels fits easily in the corner of a room, so it’s always at hand for an exercise anywhere, anytime.

Quality material – The Yoga Wheel made of strong PVC which is durable and hard wearing and a heavy duty cotton cover which is durable and hygienic.

Category -BODY SCULPTING: The included exercise chart shows you the most effective exercises for all different muscle groups.

Do yoga wheel help back pain?

The best yoga wheel for back pain can help you get the most out of your poses while reducing your risk of injury.[LINK]

The right yoga wheel will help you go deeper into your poses, open your hips, strengthen your core, and improve spinal health.[LINK]

A yoga wheel is a versatile exercise tool that can also be used for warming up, getting a good cardio workout and serving as a challenging balance challenge. Many people also use yoga wheels as part of a home gym.


Yoga is a very complex practice that has many layers of religious and cultural traditions. But, yoga has evolved, and is now a way to bring balance and harmony into your life.

Yoga also includes bodyweight workouts, and anytime you do a bodyweight workout you will need a yoga mat. But, for the highest quality of yoga mat experience, you will need a Yoga Wheel.

The wheels in yoga come into play when you’re working with arm balances. Which are advanced balancing poses that require a lot of strength and focus.

The best yoga wheels can be used to help strengthen your arms and take your balancing poses to the next level.

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UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel –Best OverallUpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel -
pete's choice Dharma Yoga WheelBudget Pickpete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel
UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel SetUpgrade PickUpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set