TOP 9 Best Reflex Bags for Your Home Boxing Gym 2021

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Not sure a few MMA classes or some workout apps can prepare you for a real boxing match? Try it in the boxing ring first.

I don’t know about you, but power punching a bag in the gym just doesn’t feel the same.

Luckily, there are nearly endless places to fight at.

Your local gym, ring, or even an organized fight if you are brave enough.

There’s nothing like slamming that heavy bag with some hip-hop music loud enough that even your neighbors in the next building know you are kicking its ass.

With these said bags, taking out your aggression on a real punching bag at home feels so much like a real punching bag that you would think it’s almost cheating.

I’ve compiled a list of high-quality, high-value bags that will help you take up the sport or improve your current skills as a boxer and an MMA fighter.

Ringside Fitness Reflex BagBest OverallRingside Fitness Reflex Bag
Hurbo Boxing Punching BagBudget PickHurbo Boxing Punching Bag
MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0Upgrade PickMaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0

1. Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

Our rating: 9 / 10

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

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  • Tough vinyl
  • Great for cardio exercises
  • Durable bag that gives a solid response
  • Accommodates up to 2-3lb. tennis balls
  • Affordable price

Ringside Fitness is a company that specializes in boxing equipment.

This Heavy Bag is specifically designed for fitness boxing, speed punching, and circuit training. It will respond with a loud clacking sound to a good shot. It is convenient for both beginners as well as advanced fighters.

The size is 14 in. in diameter and 10 in. in height. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 2-3 lbs. The size and weight is just perfect for right punches and upper cuts.

2. Everlast Reflex Bag

Our rating: 8 / 10

Everlast Reflex Bag

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  • Perfect size for speed punching
  • Excellent rebound response
  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect for practicing jabs, crosses, knee strikes, and uppercuts
  • Perfect size for speed punching
  • Effective and economical


  • Does not have a striking surface that is wide enough to accommodate palma-style hand technique
  • Too small for sparring

It’s a right-sized leather punching bag that can easily be folded and stored. It’s pretty much applicable for both beginning and seasoned cross trainers. It’s a great bag for anybody who wants to engage in a cross training exercise for both his upper and lower body.

It’s made of genuine leather. The reflex bag considered as a heavy weight bag since it weighs 90 pounds. It includes a leather strap for hanging it on a bar to storage it.

3. Ringside Cobra Reflex Free-Standing Adjustable Boxing Fitness Workout Punching Bag

Our rating: 8 / 10

Ringside Cobra Reflex Free-Standing Adjustable Boxing Fitness Workout Punching Bag

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  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Roomy base
  • Solid base construction
  • Affordable with great specs


  • Lacks fabric covering, could be slippery and a harder surface
  • More difficult to fill than fabric covered bags
  • No vertical or horizontal straps to secure cover (may want to be cautious)

The Cobra Reflex is one of the best freestanding gym bags, which will accommodate a wide range of users. It has a relatively large circumference and space, allowing much more flexibility in user height and weight.

It is a permanent free-standing punching bag, so it is a little bit difficult to move around, but it is able to be filled up with water or sand. It can also be filled up with water/sand and protein powder/flour to be used as a body-building tool.

It is big enough for taller and larger individuals, so there is no trouble filling the bag with enough sand or water to create the resistance that you need. It is affordable and has solid construction as well.

4. Hyperflex Strike Bag

Our rating: 8 / 10

Hyperflex Strike Bag

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  • Unbeatable durability and quality for the price
  • At 24 inches, this is a competitive/fighting size and is great for training on with more than one person
  • Easily adjustable to various target heights – from a few inches up to over 6 feet
  • Shock absorbing core inside the bag
  • 2-inch thick bag
  • 100% Waterproof and UV Stable – Made to last!
  • Includes a heavy-duty chain and swivel brackets
  • Smooth plug filling system for easy weight change
  • Available in Red/Black color combo
  • Heavy duty bracket and chain included


  • Nothing! You can hardly fault this product for any faults!

The Hyperflex strike bag is the best punching bag for the money. With a heavy duty chain, this bag can be used outdoors or indoors as well as for boxing and mixed martial arts training. It can be hung from anywhere with a chain strong enough to take its weight.

It is well constructed with a water proof fabric and treated with a UV stabilizer for longevity.

5. Hurbo Boxing Punching Bag

Our rating: 8 / 10

Hurbo Boxing Punching Bag

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  • Adjustable height: 15 inches – 44 inches for teenagers & adults.
  • This punching bag has 8-ply pure leather shell.
  • Made from heavy duty steel tubing and a quality bag to help build power & stamina.
  • Includes 4 types of hooks- Free hanging, rock stable, swivel and chains.
  • Patented wall anchors help prevent punching bag from leaning or rotating.


  • The non-included chains are absolutely essential to good use.
  • The stand base is wider than the top of the base and won't slide under most beds or dressers.

The Hurbo punching bag is a must have for boxing enthusiasts, especially for kids. With its quick, easy assembly and portability, you can bring it to different rooms and keep kids engaged in boxing training.

Fights boredom and helps you build endurance. The punching bag is long-lasting with a durable, heavy-duty steel frame designed to take a beating. A pair of gloves is included with this product.

With a weight limit of 225 pounds, the punching bag is ideal for both children and adults alike.

6. Tech Tools Punching Bag Reflex Boxing Bag

Our rating: 7 / 10

Tech Tools Punching Bag Reflex Boxing Bag

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  • Stable and solid metal base for better performance and safety.
  • Made of high-quality durable material.
  • Adjustable height up to 6‒ offers better training.
  • Free standing design with sturdy legs and non-skid rubber feet.
  • Ideal for kids and adults.
  • provides a platform for training with heavy gloves.


  • Poor quality control.
  • Some consumers complained about parts arriving broken.
  • The bottom and other parts of the bag are not as sturdy or safe as they should be.

This one is a great place to start looking for the best mma bags. Located in Los Angeles, Tech Tools specializes in innovative technology accessories for men, women, and children. This allows for a wider range of use and a larger audience for its products.

The product is well made and overall is a good quality bag. It is very simple to mount with four adjustable legs. The height can be adjusted to reach from 5.5 to 6 feet. It’s a beginner’s bag made with heavy duty material. It allows for both children and adults to use the bag. It is ideal for anyone at home, and it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to start boxing.

7. Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro Relex Bag

Our rating: 7 / 10

Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro Relex Bag

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  • Compact design
  • Can easily be moved around
  • Lots of pings from the bungee cables
  • Affordable price point
  • Durable design
  • Vibrant color

This compact reflex bag from Title Boxing is made from heavy duty vinyl that’s easy to clean and hold up to rigorous use.

The bungee cables are made from a durable nylon fabric that will last a long time while still maintaining their elastic properties. The bag offers a fair amount of resistance when you strike it and gives your hands and fists an aggressive surface to work against. The bag features several reinforced pull straps and four bungee cable attachments for a variety of exercises.

8. MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0

Our rating: 7 / 10

MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0

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  • Six different sizes
  • Includes a trainer and repair kit

This is one of the best reflex bags for heavy bag training, and something I can vouch for since I used it at my boxing gym for over 6 months.

The bag is made of high quality leather and can absorb your strikes without a problem. The bag can be filled with water and sand, which comes with it. You can fill it all the way to 100 pounds (45 kg), but you have to adjust it over time by adding sand/water less often.

I love this bag because there are tons of ways you can add weights to it. It comes with sand bottle that you can use with the hanging hook. If you prefer to use a sand bag, you can always buy one and add it to the bag.

9. MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit

Our rating: 6 / 10

MaxxMMA Speed-Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit

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  • Quick-adjusting straps that allow you to the adjust height of the target
  • High grade fabric for durability
  • Solid construction that will withstand lots of strikes.
  • Easy to set up and use. Just unfold, add some sand, and you are good to go.
  • Affordable with a price that most people can afford


  • Some of the straps can be difficult to attach when using velcro.
  • Flimsy rope that attaches some of the hanging materials to the base.

This reflex bag from MaxxMMA features a 200lb test strength and is constructed using quality materials. These materials are sewn together and the seams are reinforced to provide a long-lasting design.

The design is simple and the bag isn’t too heavy; it’s just 16 pounds. This is helpful for those who want to move the bag around. It is a convenient size for smaller home-gym setups and has a protective covering that allows it to be used in wet settings.

The bag is easy to set up and use. When you purchase it, all you have to do is fill it with sand or water and set it up. When you are ready to use it, just add your gloves and start striking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best filling for a punching bag?

Most punching bags come filled with either a sand or a mixture of sand and shredded fabric, or water and fabric. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to style and function, the decision comes down to personal preference.

The most common filling, and our personal favorite, is a combination of sand and fabric. The fabric helps to keep the punching surface smooth and acts as a shock absorber for the bag. Fabric is made from natural materials such as cotton or synthetic materials. The bag can be filled with or without the additional fabric.

With a water-filled bag, water is used instead of sand or shredded fabric. Water holds the structure of the bag, and adds weight and shock absorption. As it is a free-moving substance, a water-filled punching bag will be much more challenging than sand or shredded fabric, but it can also be more difficult to maneuver when storing or trying to hit the bag from certain positions.

Which punching bag is good for workouts?

Heavy bags are easily the most popular type of equipment in a boxing gym. Heavy bags are relatively inexpensive, can be moved around easily and require very little in terms of maintenance. In addition to all of this, they provide a number of physical and mental benefits.

Punching bags work upper and lower body muscles. They strengthen the arms, shoulders and back. They engage core muscles for balance and control. They improve eye-hand coordination, reflexes, focus and mental toughness.

But, clearly, the best reason to own a heavy bag is that they are a lot of fun. For those who have ever hit a heavy bag, it is easy to see why. Hitting a heavy bag is like hitting a real person. There is a certain level of satisfaction that can be obtained from hitting a heavy bag, and that is only one reason why punching bags have sustained their popularity for over a century.

What is the best reflex bag?

The best bag will depend on the type of bag you are buying. Usually, but not always, the more expensive the bag, the better it will be in terms of construction. If you are after a bag for general training, speed and accuracy, a cheap bag will be fine but if you are after a heavy bag with a lot of weight behind it, spending a little extra will be worth it.

Again, it's a good idea to play the YouTube videos you find of these. Make sure you see the build before you buy to make sure it's what you want. If you are buying a heavy bag, it's particularly important to try and see it in person before buying to make sure it's to your satisfaction.

Is it OK to hit the punching bag everyday?

Yes, but wait at least a day in between punching sessions, not only because of soreness, but also to allow your brain to get back to normal after it's been wrapped up in your workout. For the same reason, you shouldn't be pushing yourself to do anything else overly strenuous on the day after your workout, though light stretching is OK.

You'll also want to give your hands a break, too. Avoid the temptation to play around with your phone, open doors using your hands, or do anything that creates a strain on the hands. Remember, you're going to have some breakage of your skin.


If you are a boxer, want to be a boxer, or simply want to enjoy the intense workout of punching heavy bags, then you need a punching bag.

A punching bag is essential for boxers and martial artists. But, the quality of the punching bag and the type you choose can determine how much you enjoy the workouts.

Our Recommendation

Ringside Fitness Reflex BagBest OverallRingside Fitness Reflex Bag
Hurbo Boxing Punching BagBudget PickHurbo Boxing Punching Bag
MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0Upgrade PickMaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag Kit 2.0