Best Pre-Workout and Recovery Drinks for CrossFit + TOP 15 Supplement Reviews 2022

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Why not try out a series of workout supplements to improve your performance and give you better results in the gym.

Whether you are just beginning or already a seasoned CrossFit warrior, you need to consider using a few supplements to help with recovery.

Whether you are just beginning or already a seasoned CrossFit warrior, you need to consider using a few supplements to help with recovery.

There are supplements that can help you decrease fatigue, improve focus, and increase your strength.

Supplements can be very expensive, however, so finding the best value for your money can be challenging.

Genius Bcaa PowderBest OverallGenius Bcaa Powder
C4 Original Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Vitamin CBudget PickC4 Original Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Vitamin C
PREWOD Pre WorkoutUpgrade PickPREWOD Pre Workout

1. Genius Bcaa Powder

Our rating: 9 / 10

Genius Bcaa Powder

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  • Faster recovery for muscles
  • Gives you energy focus and mental clarity
  • Low calorie, no sugar or fat content
  • Can be consumed any time of day even on non-workout days.
  • Natural vegan bcaas


  • Might taste a bit bitter at first
  • Varies in taste between flavors
  • Can cause a stomachache if you use too much of it
  • Sometimes hard to get out of the bag

This Bcaa powder is the best natural vegan bcaa by Genius for pre workout and recovery.

It is a pre workout bcaa powder that also helps reduce muscle fatigue, improves endurance, increases energy, enhances focus, and can even reduce muscle damage and soreness.

It is super easy to use and works well in protein shakes, oatmeal, and smoothies. Tall glass or blender – add 1 scoop before workout, 1 scoop after workout, and 1 scoop during workouts (if your workout lasts more than an hour). Slim bottle – add 1 scoop before workouts, 2 during workouts.

2. NF Sports Pre-Workout

Our rating: 8 / 10

NF Sports Pre-Workout

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  • Improved strength and energy
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Increased cognitive function
  • Designed to inhibit muscle fatigue
  • Workouts can be longer and more intense
  • No crash later in the day
  • Great taste
  • Highly recommend


Summary: If you need a great workout supplement with proven ingredients, consider the NF Sports Pre-Workout. It provides breakthrough nitrate technology, Epicoat Extract, “Brain Octane Oil”, and effective ingredients like creatine and beta alanine.

It helps you build and support muscle growth, and promotes quicker recovery. The result is enhanced athletic performance, so you can work out longer and harder and reach your goals.

3. Naked Energy

Our rating: 8 / 10

Naked Energy

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  • Nice price for what you’re getting.
  • Tastes fantastic.
  • Cannot be beat for the price range.
  • One scoop contains caffeine without you getting jittery.


  • Reviewers and customers both report not boosting energy as much as they’d hope for.
  • Too much energy makes you head to the bathroom more often.
  • Servings aren’t huge.
  • Mixes better if it’s warm to get rid of clumps.

For a fantastic price, you get a high-quality pre-workout that tastes amazing and has a lot of the ingredients that you need to get you through your day.

All natural and vegan friendly, you can drink before or during your workout and still get the energy you need to get to your feet and start moving.

A scoop will help you get through your workout, and it keeps you from getting cramps that can come from strenuous activity. It is easy on your stomach, and it will give you a little extra kick without you getting jittery. Plus, you don’t need to take it more than once a day for it to work its magic.

4. Ascent Pre Workout

Our rating: 8 / 10

Ascent Pre Workout

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Ascent by Progenex is one of the leading brands of performance supplements for athletes. This product is one of their best sellers and is a pre-workout supplement designed to improve performance and promote healthy muscle growth.

It contains a mixture of different ingredients, each of which is designed to benefit certain aspects of physical performance. In particular, it promotes energy and focus, helps you achieve greater muscle pumps and improves overall endurance levels.

This product contains a combination of ingredients designed to promote training intensity, training endurance and general physical performance. Each of these features is of particular use to those who are undertaking a rigorous training program aimed at improving overall physical condition.

5. PREWOD Pre Workout

Our rating: 8 / 10

PREWOD Pre Workout

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  • Universal and versatile
  • Available in various flavors
  • Contains creatine, L-Glutamine, L-arginine and beta-alanine
  • Improves blood flow
  • Offers mental clarity and focus

This supplement is a preworkout supplement that rivals some of the top preworkout supplements available including Jack3d, NO-Xplode, and Muscle Tech’s own. It’s available in a wide variety of great fruit flavors and it’s packed full of great ingredients that help to boost your energy, endurance, mental focus and metabolism.

The free creatine, l-arginine and L-glutamine in PREWOD all combine to help to increase the overall strength and endurance of your workout. It’s one of the best preworkout drinks for people who want to have a little fun and share a great drink with friends and it’s easy to see why people are turning to this product in droves.

6. C4 Original Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Vitamin C

Our rating: 8 / 10

C4 Original Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Vitamin C

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  • Helps with recovery and muscle repair
  • Sugar-free
  • Natural and healthy ingredients
  • Promotes energy and alertness
  • Helps fight off infections due to vitamin C


  • Not ideal for use by those with high blood pressure
  • Those who are sensitive to stimulants should steer clear
  • Contains some elements that don’t taste particularly good

C4 Original Pre Workout Powder uses a wide range of ingredients to not only help improve workouts, but also to help fill in the gaps in your diet to leave you healthy and vibrant outside of the gym. It’s packed with energizing and focus-boosting ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine, plus it has vitamin C for extra immunity support.

It also has a vitamin B supplement to keep your body running and to provide added mental focus. C4 also uses bioperine to enhance the bioavailability of all of the supplements and ingredients it uses, so you get the most out of everything.

7. Genius Pre Workout Powder

Our rating: 8 / 10

Genius Pre Workout Powder

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  • The company believes in putting a lot of research into it’s product.
  • It also believes in giving customers what they want.
  • All natural ingredient that are proven.
  • Crazy pump and energy that last.
  • 3 different sizes. 1 scoop, 2 scoops, 3 scoops.
  • The perfect pre workout product for almost anyone.
  • It is recommended to take the supplement after eating.


  • You will most likely drop the weight after taking this product.
  • It is very expensive.

This pre-workout supplement is designed to lubricate your joints and make the body more flexible. Research shows that the amino acids in this formula help to reduce muscle pain and soreness, and it also helps the body to rebuild tissue.

The product is designed to allow you to work out in your optimal state. It gives you better information about your performance, and it also allows you to train without getting fatigued.

This product is designed to boost your energy level, increase your performance level, boost and increase the production of the growth hormone, and that also improves your overall quality of life.

8. pureWOD PRE

Our rating: 5 / 10


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  • Can be mixed in a variety of water/milk based drinks, with juices, home made smoothies, etc.
  • Value for money
  • Easy to mix, good flavor
  • Can be mixed in water, juice, anything


  • Doesn’t taste great
  • The flavor is a little strange
  • Doesn’t mix well in milk

Essential Amino Acids for Muscle Recovery.

PureWOD PRE is one of the most popular preworkouts on the market for CrossFit. It has an incredible formula and a very good price point for what you get. A great value for those looking to get into preworkouts.

It can be mixed in anything, which really stands out from all the other pre workout drinks on the market. The only downside is that it doesn’t taste amazing on its own, but mixing it with other mild drinks or juices mostly compensates for that.

9. BSN Amino X

Our rating: 5 / 10

BSN Amino X

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  • It does a great job of providing you with both amino acids and BCAAs
  • Amazing combination of amino acids with nootropics
  • Effective in providing both mental and physical support

BSN’s Amino X is one of the best sports supplements on the market. It is designed to give you the physical and mental energy you need to support your performance. It provides you with arginine, a primary amino acid that allows you to pump out more volume during your workouts. It also contains a potent blend of BCAAs. Overall, this is a solid supplement.

Check out the complete review of this product by clicking the link above.

10. PALEOETHICS PE Sport Vegan Recovery Matrix High Performance Nighttime Recovery Tea Powder

Our rating: 3 / 10

PALEOETHICS PE Sport Vegan Recovery Matrix High Performance Nighttime Recovery Tea Powder

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PALEOETHICS Sport Recovery Powder is the FIRST Muscle Recovery Sleep Muscle Recovery Sleep Enhancer & Performance-Enhancing. This Nighttime Recovery Sleep Muscle Recovery Matrix is filled with premium quality, expensive, 100% All-Natural Amino Acids, Minerals, Enzymes, and Organic Flavors. Provides all the muscle recovery and performance enhancers that are in whole foods like grass-fed meat, dairy products, dairy products, seafood, nuts, and seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the most effective pre workout supplement?

Most of you have heard of Trust. You might know about Savage, but its very close to trust. Animal Pump, Jim’s Mass, and White Flood are all up there. Anything that helps you push out that last few reps is the way you should go. Ultimately the only way to tell is to try it and see how you feel. But obviously, stay away from pre workouts with DMAA! You might get jacked but you will soon be dead.

As far as liquid creatine goes, the cheapest and most popular is probably Crea-Trona. It is well reviewed and seems to work fine. However, if you buy it in bulk, it can become very costly. If you use it all the time you will be saving money over time, but as a single-use solution it is overpriced. The same thing goes for CarnoSyn.

What is the best pre workout for CrossFit?

You must have heard by now that pre workout supplements have been all the rage lately. Pre workouts are not magic pills to make you perform at your best and build crazy muscle. However, they are absolutely critical to fueling the body to perform at its best.

If you do not have the required ingredients in your body, you will not make the gains you would expect. There is no one perfect pre workout for everyone. It indeed varies greatly from person to person. Knowing your own preferences, goals, and deficiencies this is where we will cover.

Do CrossFit athletes take pre workout?

A lot of CrossFit competitors do use pre workout supplements. Pre-Workout is an umbrella term for any substance that elevates your energy and mental focus during your workout. You can use it before hitting the gym or training at home. Before you start taking Pre-Workout you should know exactly what are the best Pre-Workout Supplements for CrossFit.

These are what you need to be aware of:

Ingredients: the only proven ingredient is caffeine. But caffeine on its own has a lot of drawbacks. It can give you adverse effects. It has a Diphenhydramine effect (tiredness and nausea) and it can cause jitters.

We recommend NO2 Pump from Force Factor. You can read our Force Factor NO2 Pump Review here.

What kind of supplements do CrossFit athletes take?

CrossFit athletes tend to be extremely into taking supplements. This is because the training is so intense and requires effort athletes usually don't use in more traditional training. Most CrossFit athletes are on the Paleo diet, which further cuts down on the need for supplementation.

There are also some supplements, which have been approved specifically by Crossfit. These are things such as pre-workout, as well as things that aid in rebuilding tissue and strength after training (recovery items).

Many of the supplements that are commonly used in CrossFit are actually very similar to those used in endurance training. In fact, many endurance athletes use the same supplements that CrossFit athletes do. There is a huge difference in the type of training of each athlete, but the supplements they use tend to be very similar.


The best pre-workout supplement should contain ingredients that help you in two primary areas: increased energy and endurance and improved focus and strength.

The best pre-workout supplements are all going to include a combination of two key energy boosting ingredients: caffeine and creatine.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is a common ingredient in many energy products.

Each caffeine molecule provides one unit of energy to your muscles, so, logically, the more caffeine you have in your muscles the more energy you can potentially provide them.

Our Recommendation

Genius Bcaa PowderBest OverallGenius Bcaa Powder
C4 Original Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Vitamin CBudget PickC4 Original Pre Workout Powder ICY Blue Razz | Vitamin C
PREWOD Pre WorkoutUpgrade PickPREWOD Pre Workout