The 7 Best Nutrition and Diet Plans For CrossFit – What Should You Eat?

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If you are an avid CrossFit athlete, there is no better way to supplement your CrossFit training than with a proper fitness and nutrition plan.

Here is a 4-week nutrition plan specifically designed for CrossFit athletes who are focused on building muscle, burning fat, and improving their overall health and wellbeing. The plan is simple, safe, and easy to follow.

Also included are some of the very best nutrition and diet plans around, including the popular Paleo diet, the Primal Blueprint, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I eat while doing CrossFit?

The CrossFit diet is based on eating whole, natural foods. The program has actually weighed the common sense principle that your body knows how to take care of itself better than you do.

If you want to see excellent results in your health and in your CrossFit workouts, then the CrossFit diet is for you.

Healthy food does not have to be boring. Instead, flavor and enjoyment of your food should be at the top of your list.

What is the healthiest eating plan?

The more unprocessed, whole, natural foods you eat the better. This is especially true if you make an effort to focus on plant-based foods like fruits and vegetables while also consuming whole grains and plenty of lean protein.

Your high-protein intake should come from fish, lean meats, nuts and seeds. It is best to avoid heavily processed meat substitutes like vegetarian burgers and soy based protein powders.

Animal protein is your biggest source of zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B vitamins. It also tends to be very tasty! While dairy products like milk and cheese are a good source of calcium and vitamin D, it is best not to over do it.

When eating fruits and vegetables try to stick to an all natural diet. This means avoiding packaged produce and eating mostly fresh foods that have been washed and cut rather than washed and nuked.

What are the top 5 diet plans?

Paleo, Zone, South Beach, low-fat diets, Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body Diet, Carb Back-Loading Diet, Eat Stop Eat.

How many calories do female Crossfitters eat?

The idea with fueling a Crossfit workout is to keep your body fueled as long as possible. The longer your blood sugar and glycogen stores are high, the longer you can keep on working out. If your blood sugar drops and you feel hungry, you will start to slow down mentally and physically. If your blood sugar drops you’re brain will tell the muscles to shut down and they won’t move. Shorter workouts are better than longer workouts for this reason.

Not to be confused with CrossFit, where trained coaches help you push through to achieve a new personal best, CrossFit high intensity is a different and a very dangerous workout program that has caused numerous injuries.


As a CrossFit athlete you will need to pay close attention to your nutrition to maximize performance and health. Nutrition is often the last thing on the to-do list for athletes.

They skip eating breakfast, stop eating after 6pm, and their diets consist of fast food and packaged snacks.

Many CrossFit athletes think the best way to lose weight is to either go on a juice cleanse or starve themselves by fasting. These can be tough to follow and really uncomfortable.

There is no need to go on a crazy diet to lose weight. Take a look at these nutrition plans for some inspiration on eating healthy for your body type.

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