TOP 9 Best Leg Press Machines For Your Home Gym Reviewed For 2022

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Many people think that workouts with lots of leg exercises are only for men. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Women have many more advantages than men when it comes to working out.

The legs need more muscle than most people think because they are responsible for holding your entire body weight and keeping you balanced.

There are all kinds of leg exercises, but the leg press is probably the most popular as it utilizes many muscles at once. It is the nearest thing to squats since it forces you to bend your knees, but it is also much more comfortable and less intense.

There are a lot of leg press machines nowadays and it can be a bit confusing to choose the best one. For that reason, we found the best leg press machines on the market today and reviewed them.

Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg PressBest OverallBody-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press
Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg PressBudget PickBody-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press
Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat MachineUpgrade PickBody-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

1. Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

Our rating: 9 / 10

Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press

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  • Ergonomic leg press motion that replicates natural squat motion
  • Tough, reinforced steel frame
  • Iron-rated, overload-resistant bushings
  • Comfortable, cushioned upholstery
  • Cast-iron foot plate design
  • Lightweight and portable for easy travel
  • Commercial-grade construction
  • Steel base with durable 2-by-4-inch platform with added 24mm lip
  • Dual-ratio pin allows for a comfortable range of exercise positions
  • 2" camber with a 3" x 2" weight tray


  • The 2" camber is a bit steep for some users
  • Limited capacity for users under 500 lbs

Classic and commercial grade, the Body Solid Leverage Horizontal Leg Press is a high-quality weight machine that is able to accommodate users from the beginner levels to the most advanced. The press mimics a natural squat motion and replicates the exact motion and feel of a squat. This is in addition to a resistance band that helps trainers replicate band resistance.

The heavy base and the adjustable 2-by-4-inch platform with added 24mm lip, gives a sturdy and stable workout platform that is able to withstand years of use and wear and tear.

Compared to the previous Model, the LVLP 2.0 has a second pivot below the seat section. This lower pivot gives an even more natural movement to the userhelping your legs gain more power and strength.

2. Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Our rating: 9 / 10

Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

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  • Push its limits without hesitation.
  • Vertical design that allows you to load the bar at different angles.
  • Belt, footplate, and chain anchor all included.
  • Low center of gravity that keeps it from shaking.
  • Has a 250 Lb capacity and works from a start position of 7” to 42”.
  • Durable all-welded steel frame.


  • Unit is very heavy. You need to clear space in your storage area.
  • Be careful to level it before you start working out.
  • Makes a lot of noise.

While researching the best gym equipment for home, we came across the Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press. This machine is a great piece of equipment for squats or deadlifts. It has been put to the test by lifters consistently, and it never dissapoints.

Some of its features include having built in spring resistance, a long height range of 7” to 42”, and a weight capacity of 250 lbs. When you put weight on it, it stays put. It also has a low center of gravity so it will not shake like other models may.

The assembly instructions for this model are extremely convenient. They have a downloadable app that you can use on your phone. This app is far more convenient than having to print out multiple pages of paper with assembly instructions. Using the app is much easier, and these instructions are very straightforward. The Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press is quite expensive. However, if you want a quality machine for home use, it is well worth the price.

3. FORCE USA Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo

Our rating: 7 / 10

FORCE USA Monster Ultimate 45 Degree Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo

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  • Monster lift!
  • Solid steel structure
  • Comfortable to use
  • Stable and safe to work with


  • The footplates need to be adjusted for various positions.

Another great addition to any piece of machinery is the Monster 45 Degree Leg Press machine by Force USA. The leg press machine offers a smooth fully adjustable seat and backrest that can be used in a 45 degree position to help to align the joint.

The seat on this machine is very large and very comfortable and it offers three different incline positions that make it easier to change the resistance on this machine. The machine is made of solid steel and supports up to 420 pounds of weight.

The machine has a weight stack that operates through a high quality bush roller system and is designed to last for years while providing you with an effective way to build your quadriceps.

4. Valor Fitness Vertical Leg Press Machine

Our rating: 7 / 10

Valor Fitness Vertical Leg Press Machine

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  • A Great All-Around Squat Machine
  • Useful for Both Men and Women Body Builders
  • Takes Up Less Space than a Free Weight Bench
  • Easy to Assemble and Use
  • Valor Sports Comes with a 2-year Warranty


  • User Complaints Over A Variety of Issues
  • Harder to Adjust Than Some Alternatives
  • Very Heavy/Difficult to Move

This is a great leg workout machine for both men and women. It is designed for leg and glute development. It allows you to work your hamstrings and quadriceps. It comes with a vertical adjustable back pad that allows you to easily set the correct height for your individual needs. It also has a fully functional leg extension unit which can be used for added development.

The unit also has a set of dip handles which enable you to develop your pectoral muscles. The unit has a heavy-duty solid steel construction that allows it to support the heaviest of user weights. The machine measures 22 by 56 by 64 inches (L x W x H).

The unit has a set of straps that allow you to secure it against any wall. It is fairly heavy so it requires 2-4 people to maneuver it. The machine has a maximum user weight of 500 pounds.

5. Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX Home Gym Equipment

Our rating: 6 / 10

Body-Solid Powerline P2LPX Home Gym Equipment

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  • Excellent power resistance.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Good memory functions.
  • Excellent for everyday workouts.
  • Easy to assemble and move.
  • Color schemes are good.
  • User friendly.


  • Not much space.
  • Weak control display.
  • Average quality.
  • Poor electronics.
  • Limited use.

This is another water cooled leg press machines in our list. The model involves a 2.5 HP motor system that can work in conjunction with up to 750 pounds. The machine is designed in such a way that it is capable to provide you with a really smooth workout. More importantly, the machine is equipped with high quality roller pads which make sure that the pressure level is evenly distributed.

The machine also has a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds which proves that it is one of the more reputed leg press machines even though it is for home use.

With regards to its portability, the model can be folded based on the user’s needs and storage purposes. A detailed instruction manual is helpful to owners during the assembly as well.

6. 4-Way Hip Sled to use as Leg Press

Our rating: 6 / 10

4-Way Hip Sled to use as Leg Press

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  • This 8-wheel, 4-way hip sled to use as leg press, hack squat, forward thrust, calf raise to give a complete lower body exercise provides the most complete workout available in a single machine.

225 lb Handle & 400 lb Fly Wheels, 10 Year Warranty.

To enhance workout effectiveness, the unit has comfortable padded feet to isolate the ankles for proper muscle recruitment and has adjustable ankle braces. The 4-way sled exercise has an added upper body feature of a handles attached to the cross bar and can be used as an overhead triceps press. This bar can also be used for various upper body movements. These include the overhead triceps press, barbell bicep curls, barbell back row, barbell overhead press and the dips.

Like all Single units, the 4-way sled is customized to the level of the customer. In addition to the forward thrust, leg press, calf raise and hack squat, the customer can choose to attach the free weight rowing attachment. This provides a total upper and lower body conditioning circuit. The unit can also be customized for additional attachments such as shoulder press, overhead press and press down, pull-over; lat pull down, upright row and cable row. This is the only unit that allows the customer to choose this range of independent exercise features.

7. Powertec Fitness Leg Press

Our rating: 6 / 10

Powertec Fitness Leg Press

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  • Wide enough to accommodate most lifters
  • Standard of excellence in adjustable machines
  • Great center of gravity with extra wide base
  • User friendly controls
  • 7-year warranty to give you peace of mind
  • Can accommodate up to 506 pounds
  • Easy to assemble and most users can put it together in less than an hour
  • Built-in safety mechanism
  • Easy to adjust for different sized users
  • Extra padding for footrest


  • Does not come with an instruction manual
  • The seat does not adapt for taller users

The PowerTec Fitness 7-Year 725 Lbs Weight Capacity Leg Press is a simple piece of exercise equipment but can still help you workout. The seat on this machine is not very long and this might be a problem for tall users.

The PowerTec leg press is a very sturdy piece of equipment made of cast iron and is capable of handling heavy loads. The workmanship on the machine is top notch and the size of the platform is enough to accommodate most users. The load carriage is solid and the pressing mechanism is rugged and reliable.

You can easily adjust the press platform to the desired height for assembling and disassembling the machine between workouts. The machine is also able to ensure safety despite using very high loads.

8. Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

Our rating: 5 / 10

Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

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  • Strong and stable pad with wide and deep foot platform.
  • Smooth and easy operation with its 715 lbs. of weight stack.
  • Perfect for beginners at lifting weights, it allows for a full range of motion.
  • Both the seat and the platform are padded for better comfort.
  • Sturdy frame and durable, comfortable components.
  • Body-Solid guarantee for frame and one-year on parts.


  • The handle could be more comfortable.

This is one of the best home and commercial gym leg press machines in the market today. The GLPH1100 has a 1,100 pound weight stack, which means as much weight as you want to add will give you the best leg workout.

You have a wide and 5 inches deep foot platform, so you can get a full range of motion for your legs. This is an ideal entry and intermediate leg press machine because you can perform curls, presses, squats or extensions. Both the seat and the platform are padded for better comfort.

You can adjust the seat height, which means you can exercise your thighs and calves at the same time. The dual pedal design allows you to adjust the width and it includes four different foot positions. The seat adjusts from zero to 26 inches and the machine can be folded up to take less space.

9. Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154

Our rating: 4 / 10

Yukon Fitness Vertical Leg Press VLP-154

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  • Can accommodate users up to 400 pounds.
  • Lockout adjustments to hold weight, so you can rest during sets.
  • Very sturdy.
  • Larger footplates.
  • Can be used in place of a smith machine.


  • A bit heavy for a home gym piece of equipment.
  • The seat requires mounting bolts to be installed.
  • The instructions are a bit difficult to understand.
  • The seat is not comfortable for long periods of time.
  • The tubing protrudes from the outside, which makes storing it difficult.

This addition to our list of the best leg press machine is very sturdy, and is used in place of a Smith machine, which is a great option for gyms that lack a lot of space. Aesthetically, it looks very nice.

The tubing is made from heavy-duty hard steel and is powder-coated for a sleek finish. The uprights on the machine have a silver finish to them along with the dumbbell holders.

Another good thing about the Yukon is that it has a variety of weight plate holder options. You can use the 75 and 150 plate options with the machine, which means you can use it without the seat if you want, but if you want to use a seat, you also have that option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Smith machine for a home gym?

Smith machines are excellent for building muscle mass. It is a machine that consists of multiple parts. It generally has a fixed barbell in the middle, a weight carriage, and a weight stack (a support system of cardboard boxes containing the weights you are lifting). Thanks to its design, it is simple to change the weights. All you have to do is slide the number of cardboard boxes you want in the weight stack, and you are ready to go.

Thanks to the fact that you will not have to balance the weight bar, you will be able to perform the exercise with greater ease. The bars of a Smith machine are attached to the frame with clips, so the bar will always remain in place. Being able to use this machine also means that you will not have to worry about injury.

As for the disadvantages of using the Smith machine, it is worth mentioning the fact that the exercises you can do on it are limited. At the same time, you are not supposed to use your legs and back. Then there is the fact that changing the weights means adjusting the supports. To remedy this problem, you can buy a rack with an Olympic bar. Finally, the last disadvantage of using the machine is the fact that you are only using one plane of motion at a time.

What gym equipment is best for slimming legs?

What can we do to lose the fat from the legs?

Build a strong foundation! To build muscular tissues, you must have a solid base. Start with the lower body to build a strong foundation and a better overall look!

Legs need a stable base to start, which is why you start with the basic exercise.

Do 3 or 4 sets of 15 repetitions when you start and increase your weight or add more repetitions as you go.

This video demonstrates how to do the Squats to lose fat for your legs.

Do leg press machines make your bum bigger?

Quite simply, no. Machines do not make you gain weight or muscle in any particular area. Yes, you may build some jiggle around your bum, but you’ll also build it elsewhere, such as in your arms.

The only way to build muscle in any particular area is to train it directly. Everyone has a different body type and gains muscle in different ways, so the only way to know if you’re training in a method that makes your bum bigger is to measure it over time. If you simply want a bigger bum, you’ll need to train it like every other muscle: with the compound movements that require the most overall muscle mass. These are the sort of movements that will make your bum bigger in the long run, no matter how it looks in the short.

What is the best total home gym?

This is a very individual item. It all depends on how much you plan to use it, what you want to train with etc.

The best option for most people is the Glute Ham Developer (7) and the Leg Press (2) and then get a pull-up bar and do lat pull downs on a stable surface (1) for a complete workout routine.

For those who prefer powerlifting In order to get bigger legs you absolutely need to squat. Squatting is the key exercise for the lower body, there is simply no better exercise to get big and strong legs and butt. If you combine the squat with the leg press, hack squat or the machine leg curl it will be enough to build muscular legs.

If you want to look good, lean and more athletic you could also add the standing calf raise to your workout routine.

Doing the side plank will engage your core which could give you the lean look you want.

If you wanted to get bigger arms you could add the standing dumbbell curl to your routine.

You could also add the preacher curl to isolate your bicep.

For bigger abs you could add the hanging leg raise to your workout.

If you want to get abs and bigger back you need to lift heavy with proper form and complete your full range of motion.

For shoulders you could try the seated dumbbell shoulder press.

If you want a complete balanced workout start with a 5 minute warm up and cool down.

Always train with good form and do full range of motion and you will look and feel better.


If you want to start building stronger, leaner, and more toned legs… but you aren't a bodybuilder or powerlifter, then the leg press is a perfect exercise for you.

With the leg press, you can build up your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves with just one simple exercise.

The leg press machine is a great alternative to squats and deadlifts for leg muscle development.

Wondering why the leg press is more effective than these traditional free weight exercises?

It's because when you do squats and deadlifts using free weights, you aren't able to use as much weight as you can in a leg press machine, which allows you to do more reps with a lighter weight.

So, with the leg press machine you can get better results in less time.

Also, with a leg press machine you won't get as fatigued in the same muscle groups as you do with squats and deadlifts. But be aware, this is not to say that the leg press is better than these free weight exercises – they both have their pros and cons.

But the leg press does have its advantages over squats and deadlifts, which we'll be looking at in detail here.

So let's dive right in! Keep reading to learn all about the leg press and its advantages over squats and deadlifts.

Our Recommendation

Body-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg PressBest OverallBody-Solid LVLP Leverage Horizontal Leg Press
Body-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg PressBudget PickBody-Solid Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press
Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat MachineUpgrade PickBody-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine