Best Joe Weider Home Gyms for 2022 and TOP 9 Different Models Reviewed

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Joe Weider brings its experience and expertise to bear in the design of this Home Gym. The intriguing part of this model is the multifunctional design, which affords the user numerous exercises and a wider range of motion. The chrome plated frame of this gym looks great, and its stable construction means it will last. It will also not slide or rotate on your flooring. It comes with a multi-setting bench.

The Joe Weider Home Gym features a pull up bar, padded seat and back support, deluxe seat slides, multi-station pulley and rod system, lifting grips and a lat bar. The pulley system permits you a number of exercises including chest press, shoulder press, leg curl, leg extension, lat row and cable lateral pulldown.

Joe Weider has built the gym to be sturdy. It comes with a three-year warranty, so you can be assured of its reliability. The gym is compact, and will fit tight spaces in your home, so you do not have to hammer into walls to set it up.

Weider Ultimate Body WorksBest OverallWeider Ultimate Body Works
Weider Power TowerBudget PickWeider Power Tower
ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith CageUpgrade PickICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage

1. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Our rating: 9 / 10

Weider Ultimate Body Works

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  • Heavy-duty construction: The frame is made of steel.
  • Spacious: The bench press rack might be a mini version, but it can still accommodate 7 feet tall people.
  • Wide range of exercises: You can do a lot of different exercises with the included items.
  • Track and pin selector: The pin selector shows you the range of exercises that can be exercised with the bench press rack.


  • Bulky: It is large and can be hard to move and take up a lot of space in your house.
  • Tips of the bars can bend: The tips of the bars could bend after some intense exercises.
  • Some users had difficulty connecting the bands with some of the bars.

This is an ideal crossover machine if you want to diversify your workouts. This is the best nautilus home gym but might not work as well if you are looking for a large-scale compound machine. The accessories gives you a variety of exercises.

It has a selector that shows you the different types of exercises that can be done with the bench press rack. You can do over 50 different types of exercises using the selector which provides you with a variety of workouts.

2. Weider Pro 265 Weight Bench

Our rating: 8 / 10

Weider Pro 265 Weight Bench

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  • Wide Leg Press
  • Supports Bodyweight
  • Adjustable Incline Bench
  • Pec Fly
  • Double-Dip Station
  • Back Extension
  • Utility Bench
  • Leg developer
  • Non-Skid Feet


  • * Some men complain about the seat being uncomfortable
  • Some say the seat does not have enough padding.

This is the best home gym for upper body exercises. We think the Weider pro 265 is one of the best home gyms you can have at home. It has a lot of the exercises you can do in a regular gym.

You can do the bench press in this, which is one of the main upper body exercises. Weider 265 is the best for ottoman (the equivalent of a bench in a gym). There is even a spot to do triceps extensions.

You will also have a chance to do leg presses. It has a pec fly exercise which is great for working on the chest muscles. Leg extensions exercise is also possible with this machine.

3. Weider Bungee Bench

Our rating: 7 / 10

Weider Bungee Bench

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  • Adjustable resistance to suit a wide variety of users
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Perfect for abdominal exercises and pull ups
  • Keeps you active even during cold winter days
  • Wide and stable base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rubber coated steel frame
  • Folds out of the way quickly
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Great for back workouts, leg workouts, abdominal workouts, and pull ups.


  • No resistance adjustments for the built in stretch cord
  • Some have had problems with the bungee cord stretching out and being too loose.

There are many great features found on this unit. Mainly it is the addition of the bungee cords with the rubber covered pull down handles. The resistance band can be set to suit just about anyone.

4. ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage

Our rating: 6 / 10

ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage

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  • High-quality Smith machine
  • Adjustable Smith bar

This Istation Pro Smith Cage a very high-quality standard Smith machine that can be easily adjusted to suit your height.

The Weider Pro measures 82 inches high, 83 inches wide, and 93 inches long (204 cm by 213 cm by 233 cm). The Smith bar has a capacity of 440 lbs (1234.5 kg) at the low setting, and 800 lbs (3534 kg) at the high setting.

It is incredibly sturdy and the frame is crafted from 50 mm by 50 mm diameter steel tubing. The bar support rails at the bottom are crafted from 2-inch by 4-inch steel tubing. The 2-inch by 4-inch steel tubing bars that support the Smith bar (the barbell) at the top measure 12 inches across.

5. Weider Pro 6900 Weight System

Our rating: 6 / 10

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System

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  • Quality construction
  • Large weight stack
  • Adjustable weights
  • Sturdy
  • Great for dips, pullups, and chinups

This Weider Pro 6900 Weight system is just one of the different Joe Weider home gyms that you can look at. Compared to some of the other fitness models on the market, this one has a fair amount to offer.

It uses a basic design and is made for a fairly affordable price point. It includes a weight stack made up of quick-release, chrome-plated weight plates that provide over 300 pounds of resistance. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 300 pounds, so it’s a fairly simple machine.

The Weider Pro 6900 Weight System is built with a steel frame that fits most standard-sized doorways and allows you to use a wide range of exercises. It can be used for a wide range of exercises like pull-ups, bench presses, triceps dips, and military press.

6. Weider Power Tower

Our rating: 6 / 10

Weider Power Tower

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  • Solid construction
  • Wide range of exercises
  • 350-pound weight capacity
  • Unique exercises
  • Easy to move around


  • Poor instructions
  • Assembly is complex
  • Expensive compared to other non-powered home gyms

This power tower from Joe Weider has an impressive range of exercises that work your core, back and more. It has a 350-pound weight capacity and is made of sturdy steel.

The tower is easy to move around and it comes with simple instructions for how to set up the different exercises. Some of the exercises on the Joe Weider Power Tower are unique, such as the clean and press, and do a great job of getting you in shape.

The drawbacks of the power tower are that the instructions are scarce and the assembly is complex. However, once it is set up, you can take it apart quickly. The Joe Weider Power Tower is an impressive home gym that can be used for a wide range of upper and lower body exercises. It is a really efficient piece of workout equipment.

7. Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym

Our rating: 6 / 10

Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym

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  • Comes with a resistance band loops for free
  • Easy to drive; can be converted to a home gym
  • Easy to adjust from one activity to another
  • Five position incline technology
  • Comes with a leg press attachment for chest
  • Can be easily moved
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Cable support might be misleading; they are not that durable.
  • Weight Bench cable is not long enough for all exercises
  • Narrow bench press bar
  • No extension attachment for legs
  • Totally jumps some features that are essential in a gym

The Weider Total Body Works 5000 is designed for home use. It is a complete training machine with over 40 exercises for flexibility strength and cardiovascular training.

Leg press can be used for chest press and the bench incline can be used for decline and abduction. Moving the seat is easy since the cables are supported without pulleys. It features one of the best exercise programs in this price range with automatic controls.

The pedal incline, which is an overlooked feature in many weight benches, is ideal for stomach muscles.

8. ICON Fitness Weider Pro 345 B Mid Width Bench

Our rating: 6 / 10

ICON Fitness Weider Pro 345 B Mid Width Bench

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  • Easy to store
  • Easy assembly
  • Great reviews
  • Built in plate storage
  • Multi function bench and lat pull down
  • Wide walk in area


  • Dumbbell rack needs to be moved
  • Takes up a bit of space
  • May not fit in every home gym space

The Icon Fitness Weider Pro 345 B is a multifunction bench that lets you perform chest presses, butt presses and lunges at a similar station.

The Weider Pro 345 B may require a bit of floor space as opposed to others reviewed here due to the fact that its cable and pulley's are anchored to pedestals and not attached to the floor. This means you will need more space than others.

To add extra weight to your Bench Press, the Weider has a dumbbell attachment to hold additional weights. Even without the additional weights it is very sturdy and secures your weights through the plate holders. There is even room to store weights in the bench itself.

9. Weider 2980 x Weight System

Our rating: 5 / 10

Weider 2980 x Weight System

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  • Complete home gym system
  • Comfortable grip on all bars
  • Excellent for strength training
  • Great company history
  • Plenty of exercises possible on it


  • Requires some knowledge to get the most out of it
  • Only one bench

A firm favorite with professional bodybuilders, home gym systems were known as the Weider 2980 X Weight home gym, and was first made in 1983.

Featuring 40 different exercises, it is extremely versatile, allowing you to work just about every muscle in the body. It includes one squat rack, one bench, barbells, and one lat machine, along with many other pieces that can be combined to create the perfect workout for each individual.

The Weider 2980 is very safe and sturdy, thanks to the construction and the design. This is a gym that can be placed just about anywhere in the house. It features a 2-year warranty, with parts available for purchase from several different sellers should you need to replace anything later on down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Total Gym model is the best?

The New Total Gym XLS or the New Total Gym 1400 (or both if you want a full body-workout).

Total gym xl is the more modern and feature-rich of the two. However, the xl version is recommended only for people over 230lbs. If you are close to this weight, you might need the extra stability of the older 1400 model. But now, the new millenium has a newer 1400 model with added stability bars.

Call the company before selecting a model and make sure to ask for build in power tower included. Many models don't have it but it will be the major loss if you have to build an extra power tower.

Regardless of what model you choose, go for packages that come with a mat and rowing system. The power tower is also a must, as it is not only for the leg exercises but is needed to stabilize the machine during the pull-ups and chin-ups.

Is Weider a good brand?

Joe Weider is a bodybuilding legend. If you recognize the name, you almost certainly know his story. He almost single-handedly invented bodybuilding and introduced it to the American public. He didn’t just share his knowledge and his philosophy: he shared the gym equipment with people with questionable intentions.

He was considered by many to be the worst dictator the sport had ever seen, but he was incredibly successful in making it grow. He was a fitness guru, but he is a bit of a controversial figure because of his reputation. He was feared and respected by the sport’s brightest stars and his legacy lives on to this day.

Which brand is best for home gym?

You're asking which brand is best for home gym – and the answer is Joe Weider Home Gym. These guys are known as the industry leader with regards to quality and effectiveness. They don't bother with home gyms that don't match up to their quality standards.

If you have read this post so far, you should be fully aware of the benefits of having a home gym indoors. After all, almost everyone enjoys the fact that it is feasible to do their workouts in the comfort of their home.

However, the issue at hand is whether you should get a home gym. So here are some reasons why you should get one.

Gives you the luxury to come in to your home gym whenever you have time. This means that whether or not the gym is open, you won't be missing out on your workout.

Are Smith machines as good as free weights?

Smith machines are a fantastic low weight and high repetition option. They're great for beginners, people with joint issues and older people. Smith machines are also necessary for heavy duty barbell squats, which requires fixated safeties for the life of the bar. On the other hand, high-level gym rats who are used to barbell scaring sometimes shun Smith machines because of the lack of stabilizing muscles that free weights require.

Don't know where to place your tools? You could place tools in your garage, or maybe just keep them in your basement and back in your room. If you hate the hassle of keeping your tools and fitness gear in the basement, then simply place it in your carport or your driveway. This is the whole idea behind having a portable fitness gear. It enables you to take the items with you wherever you wish to go.


Hi, my name is Sean Connor. I have over 5 years of experience working at Weider Home Gym, and I want to be your best personal trainer and fitness coach in 2019. Why I love being in this business? I think the most legitimate reason is that we make people happy.

We are really trying to make the world a healthier and happier place!

Weider Home Gym is an incredible company with the most modern technologies, best fitness brands, highest-quality products and incomparable worldwide support.

No other company offers you the same level of commitment and ability to support you, no matter where in the world you live.

This is our TOP 9 Best Weider Home Gyms List.

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Weider Ultimate Body WorksBest OverallWeider Ultimate Body Works
Weider Power TowerBudget PickWeider Power Tower
ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith CageUpgrade PickICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage