TOP 10 Best High Impact Sports Bras for Large Breasts Reviewed 2022

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It is true that all women want a great push-up style bra that includes high-impact support…

If you are a big chested woman with a 34DD or greater, you probably suffer a lot from bouncing breasts during workouts – especially high-impact sports such as running, plyometrics, or martial arts.

We all want to reignite our passion to move more and to enjoy our workouts again.

I am here to help! Today I am going to share my experience with high-impact sports bras for large breast.

I will also share my top 10 best sports bras for large breasts that have proper high-impact support and bounce control.

Glamorise Women's Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra #1066Best OverallGlamorise Women's Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra #1066
Freya Women's Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports BraBudget PickFreya Women's Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra
Enell, SportUpgrade PickEnell, Sport

1. Glamorise Women's Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra #1066

Our rating: 9 / 10

Glamorise Women's Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra #1066

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  • Excellent support/options for DD+ sizes.
  • Extremely comfortable and supportive, even after sweating for hours.
  • Very supportive of large-busted women.
  • Very pretty, sleek, and accentuates breasts and shape.
  • Does not restrict motion when working out or doing fast paced moves.
  • Durable, strong material, multi-layered and holds up well to daily exercise.
  • Easy to put on and pull straps over the arms.
  • Clean, comfortable, and fits like a glove both under and over clothing.
  • Compliments facial features with gentle padding, smoothed stitching, and is not itchy.
  • May alter comfortably to bust size if necessary.

2. New Balance Women's Shockingly Unshocking Bra

Our rating: 8 / 10

New Balance Women's Shockingly Unshocking Bra

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  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Sustainability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great customer support
  • Wide range of sizing


  • Runs smaller than normal New Balance bras
  • Lower impact sports bra that is not truly ideal for high-impact sports
  • Only good for specific sports

The New Balance Shockingly Unshocking sports bra is a very nice active sports bra for the price. It has removable cups for use without sports bra pads and a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit. The fabric used in the Shockingly Unshocking is a poly/spandex knit with a high-tech lining that is designed to wick sweat away from the body and provide a supportive barrier that prevents moisture from damaging your sports bra.

Many of the reviews for this bra mention that it runs quite small, so be sure to order a few sizes higher than normal. The Shockingly Unshocking is also not as supportive as many other high-impact sports bras or as intended for high impact sports like running or soccer. Still, it is a very functional design for low impact sports and is well-suited for yoga, pilates, hiking, gym workouts, and cross-training.

3. Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra

Our rating: 8 / 10

Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra

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  • 4-way stretch fabric that allows for full range of motion
  • Comfortably padded straps
  • Cups are customizable for your personal fit
  • Wide front and back strap
  • Universally flattering
  • Wide-set elastic band and seamless cups


  • It may not be supportive enough for larger size breasts.
  • It gives you that something that you have been yearning for! From the very first time you try the bras on, you will find the fit to be perfect.
  • You are going to find that there is absolutely no need to worry about bounce and you will find yourself looking forward to wearing your sports bras as you go about your day.

This firm control high impact sports bra from Panache is expertly designed to perfect your look whether it is a brisk walk to the grocery store or a run. Thanks to its firm yet gentle hold on your breasts, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded bounce when you exercise.

Overall, the Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra is an outstanding sports bra that is going to add to the comfort and endurance of every workout you do. Its amazing front hook and four-row back closure ensures a stable fit. Not to be outdone, the cup foam has a power mesh lining to make every stride enjoyable. Also, the fabric is as breathable as it can be.

4. Enell, Sport

Our rating: 8 / 10

Enell, Sport

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  • Large variety of colors
  • Compression best-sellers
  • Wide straps stay put
  • Handy removable padding
  • Stays in place – lifts and separates
  • Great to look nice in sleeveless workout tops


  • Pricey
  • Underwire can bend out of shape
  • Not great for running or cardio

If you are an E cup or larger – then you know the pain of owning a non-sports bra that doesn't even come close to supporting you. Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. The Enell sports bra is made for those who are a D to DD cup size.

This is the ultimate bra for those who do high impact activities like running, tennis, or CrossFit.

It's made out of high tech support fabric that will not shrink, stretch, or lose it's shape. The inner fabric is surprisingly silky and soft. It has a zipper on the side for easy on/off. This sports bra is great to wear under backless and strapless tops (even wedding dresses!)

5. Champion Women's Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

Our rating: 8 / 10

Champion Women's Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

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  • 6 hook-and-eye closure
  • Breathable mesh lined cups, powermesh back and sides
  • Wide padded straps.
  • Champion 45% polyester, 55% cotton.
  • Packaged in recycled paper.


  • Not a great choice for intense work outs with high impact movement.

Another great Champion bralette that is well-known for its popular brand is an original athletic one-piece bra that has been providing comfort and support for decades. You can say that it is very suitable for women with big breasts.

The Champion Women’s Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra is one of the most popular options on any sports braces list. It has a 6 hook-and-eye closure and is constructed of 45% polyester, 55% cotton.

Available in many colors and also sizes, this bra is great to use for almost any type of sport bra activity. It wicks away moisture from your body and can be great for activities in mild weather.

6. Freya Women's Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra

Our rating: 8 / 10

Freya Women's Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra

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  • Adjustable hook and eye at the back.
  • Removable straps for multipurpose.
  • Cute and stylish design.
  • Can upsize as well by going for a larger size.
  • Has a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Time-tested and well designed.


  • Straps are not adjustable.
  • Does not provide adequate support for bigger breasts.
  • Might feel uncomfortable for some.

This best sports bra for women makes our list as one of the best overall sports bras due to its "best in all categories."

This particular sports bra is the gold standard in sports bra technology. It is innovative and fits just about everyone. It has been made with a seamless design that absorbs moisture. It is also very soft to the touch and is less noticeable to the eye.

This sports bra is a favorite for a lot of women as it's popular for its ample amount of padding. One of the best features of this sports bra is that it also provides exceptional support for medium-large and large-sized breasts.

7. Shock Absorber Women's Active D+ Classc Support Sports Bra

Our rating: 7 / 10

Shock Absorber Women's Active D+ Classc Support Sports Bra

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  • Adjustable so it can be worn by women with large busts.
  • Anti-bounce technology provides support for women with more busty figures.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool during all kinds of workouts
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Many different color options


  • Very pricey
  • Breaks down quickly

This is the leading sports bra for large-busted women of all ages. The Shock Absorber Active Sports Bra has two key design features that make it so great.

The first is their seam-free design – the front of this bra is virtually seamless, meaning no chafing and no unflattering bulges under your shirt. Second, their clever construction uses a combination of compression and encapsulation to provide the very highest level of support and comfort.

This bra has earned the trust of thousands of women across the world, and has been a popular choice among women with larger busts for many years.

8. SYROKAN Coolmax High Impact Sports Bras

Our rating: 7 / 10

SYROKAN Coolmax High Impact Sports Bras

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  • Coolmax Fibers help remove moisture and heat from your body.
  • Needle-Free Bra-cup construction prevents discomfort and increases the life of the product.
  • Generous underband offers maximum support to women with high-impact breasts.
  • Perfect for most styles of exercise and sports activities.
  • Smooth Seamless cups are very comfortable.


  • Depending on activity, some women have experienced chaffing.
  • The fit is somewhat different from most bras.

This comfortable sports bra is perfect for those with high impact J cup breasts. Many other bras are sized using your bra band measurement (the measurement you can take across your back without a bra on), but this bra is sized using your breast measurement. Follow the included sizing guide to determine your breast measurement and you can choose whether you want a size B or C bra.

Even though it is sized using your breast measurement, it is only available in European bra sizes, so if you are coming from the U.S., you may find it helpful to use this conversion chart if you want to figure out your European bra size.

Use the number of inches difference between your bust measurement and your band measurement to determine your cup size in this bra (See footnote for sizing guide).

9. Yvette High Impact Sports Bras

Our rating: 6 / 10

Yvette High Impact Sports Bras

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  • No Center Cup for comfort and support.
  • Suitable for most types of workouts.
  • You can return the product back if it doesn’t feel good.
  • Ladies may find that it is a bit more hard than recommended.


  • The sizing is smaller than recommended.
  • No padding for under arm.

Women: Black and Pink,S-3XL

This product is especially designed for work outs and sports activities as it has comfort light-weight design to ensure that you stay relaxed and sweat-free.

You will receive free support, good quality and an affordable option with a special hook and eye closure.

10. Berlei Shift Black Underwired Sports Bra YYRK

Our rating: 5 / 10

Berlei Shift Black Underwired Sports Bra YYRK

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  • Strong outer material.
  • Has good padding and support for larger cup sizes.
  • Wide sizing range.
  • Accurate sizing guide.
  • Love it? Buy it now!


  • Some complaints about not enough padding in the cups.
  • This is one of the best rated bra for large breasts to get in if you have large cleavage when you are working out.
  • It is hard to find a sports bra that is supportive for large cup sizes.

This Berlei sports bra has some good support and is made from a strong material that will hold up over time and retain its shape. It has been designed to be very supportive and reduce bounce.

The fabric cover cups are made from a breathable fabric while the padding is made with moisture-wicking material which helps to keep you cool.

It is not waterproof but would be a good choice for sweaty workouts such as aerobics. It comes in a variety of sizes from 30 mm up to 50 mm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best high impact sports bra for large breasts?

It's often harder to find a good sports bra if you need extra support. The wide band is essential as it prevents you from being forced to opt for a smaller cup size in order to get additional support. The wider band provides better coverage anyway, so if you’re choosing between two bras with the same cup size, go for the one with the wider band. It's not just about support – the wider band helps reduce breast movement during faster activities which helps to prevent chafing and other issues.

How to Choose the Best Sports Bra?

Get measured. You'll need to know your bust size and band size to find the right size sports bra.

Choose the right fit. Don't underestimate the power of a well-fitting sports bra. It will make a huge difference to your perception of comfort and support.

What are the best high impact sports bras?

High quality and good fitting sports bras, made from the best materials, are just as important as the sports kit itself. Make sure that you buy a sports bra that will give the best support, without being too tight, because when you are out there training hard you need your breasts to be supported properly for health reasons. If you are too big for an average sports crop then make sure that you get yourself a large size! It can suck having to force two heavy things to not move around under your top and not feel supported.

Which sports bra is most supportive?

The best high impact sports bra for large breasts is really just a matter of preference. One starts with it all depends on your fitness goals, your sport, and your overall physical conditioning.

Many people are under the impression that they need the most support possible, but what they're really looking for is comfort. This is the key to getting a good workout and being able to work out for an extended period of time. If you feel too encumbered and confined, you're going to be bothered by it and it's going to distract you.

It's also true that the more comfortable you are, the better you're going to feel and the more likely you'll stick with an exercise program. Just make sure the bra you choose can sustain a range of movement.

Is sports bra good for large breasts?

Sports bras are suitable for women whose breasts are too large for regular bras. But if you have large breasts, usually the sports bra is not enough. This is why you need high impact sports bra. There are many sports bras manufactured by many large brands.

If you have a large breasts, it's very difficult for you to find your best fitting sports bra in the market. At first glance, a sports bra seems to fit well, until you wear it for more than an hour. The worst case is that the bra does not fit your large breasts well.

There are five tips to choose the best high impact sports bra for large breasts.

You need to measure the size of your breasts. You can do it by yourself, or you ask a professional to do it.


Sports bras are a vital part of any woman's workout wardrobe. The right sports bra can make a workout more comfortable, as well as enable you to lift more with confidence.

If you have big breasts, you may encounter a few additional challenges when choosing a sports bra, which may make finding a high quality bra even more difficult.

The most common issue is bras not being rated for high-impact activities. High impact activities are anything from fast-paced hiking to CrossFit and your standard gym class.

However, many women and mothers don't realize that you may not only need a high impact sports bra, you also may need a high support, high impact sports bra and nothing less.

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Glamorise Women's Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra #1066Best OverallGlamorise Women's Full Figure No Bounce Plus Size Camisole Wirefree Back Close Sports Bra #1066
Freya Women's Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports BraBudget PickFreya Women's Epic Underwire Crop Top Sports Bra
Enell, SportUpgrade PickEnell, Sport