13 Best Fat Burning CrossFit Workouts and WODs for Weight Loss

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Do you want to lose weight and get a lean, strong, muscular build?

If yes, then you should give CrossFit workouts a try.

There are tons of CrossFit workouts out there to help you meet that goal. In this article, I have narrowed it down to my 13 favorite CrossFit workouts, along with diet guidelines.

I am a CrossFit instructor, and I have experience training for long-distance running and weightlifting competitions. I am a certified medical exercise specialist, and I have lost about 20 pounds since I started CrossFit.

I’ve tried CrossFit for weight loss, for muscle gain, for running training, and for other goals, including just to get in better shape and feel healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CrossFit best for weight loss?

Not necessarily, at least not by itself. For one, simple calorie intake is far more important than exercise, and no amount of CrossFit or any other exercise is going to make up for too much junk food. What any exercise program, including CrossFit, does is it raises your metabolic rate and forces your body to burn fat more efficiently. Getting enough exercise is one part of getting into shape, but you have to watch what and how much you eat as well.

Does CrossFit help lose belly fat?

It can. You likely already know that good old CrossFit doesn't only tone your body but also gives your metabolism a nice boost. What you're probably interested in are ways for CrossFit to help you lose weight in your belly.

In CrossFit, you know how, you need to keep your body in constant motion. It’s good to incorporate abdominal exercises and HIIT workouts into your routine. Work your core along with your overall body. Do movements such as squats, deadlifts and other exercises that will strengthen your abs at the same time as your lower body.

Once you’ve completed your strength training and muscles are warmed up, you can squirm your way through cardio without experiencing those dreaded abdominal cramps.

Which type of workout burns the most fat?

A combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise will get your metabolism revving and burning fat more efficiently. This will result in more effective cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular development. It is no secret that keeping your aerobic capacity up is an essential element of efficiency, especially when you are looking to burn fat.

If I had to choose one, I would say that running will burn the most fat.

There are countless indoor rowing workouts that will increase the aerobic capacity of the heart and over time promote fat burning. The downward pressure of the water and the pulling motion that extends the arms works those muscles that are primarily responsible for sitting around all day and getting bigger.

What CrossFit workout burns the most calories?

CrossFit is known for being one of the most hardcore workouts there is but there are some CrossFit workouts that can make you burn more calories than others. Here are the best calorie burning CrossFit workouts and CrossFit WODs. The metabolic conditioning workout that will burn the most calories is the Team and Individual WOD called Fight Gone Bad. It is about 3800 calories.


Heavy weightlifting is the financial benchmark of fitness for men and women “ classic lifts like squats and deadlifts are at the heart of many great CrossFit workouts (and general fitness regimens).But in recent years, strides have been made for women to incorporate gymnastic, rowing and jumping movements into their workouts.

While we’re not suggesting these age old lifts should be done away with altogether, mixing things up can be beneficial – both physically and mentally. Let us introduce to you the 13 best CrossFit workouts to burn fat and pack on muscle for women.1. Fast Monkeynaut

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