9 Best Cutting Supplements Reviewed 2022 – Get Shredded Fast!

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If you want to get a smaller waist, you are going to need to lose some weight.

It’s obvious, but still surprising how many people try to get rid of that muffin top before paying attention to their food intake.

The truth is, you can’t succeed with weight loss if you don’t control what goes into your mouth.

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The next step, then, is to pick a workout plan and nutritional guidelines (keep reading if you want some help on that). Ultimately, your success or failure has a lot to do with how well you stick to these guidelines.

First, let’s look at some ways to stay motivated.

Once you’ve got a plan and you’re doing everything right, it’s time to start considering what supplements might help.

There are a lot of weight loss pills and supplements on the market promising weight loss.

What’s the best fat burner for men?

Is the best fat burner for men an over-the-counter fat burner?

If you are looking for a cutting supplement, you didn’t wander into this article by accident.

Nutrient Partitioning AgentBest OverallNutrient Partitioning Agent
Rev LabsBudget PickRev Labs
Pro Jym Protein PowderUpgrade PickPro Jym Protein Powder

1. Nutrient Partitioning Agent

Our rating: 9 / 10

Nutrient Partitioning Agent

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  • Supports muscle repair and growth
  • Helps to increase muscle tone, density, and fat free mass
  • Supports muscle growth on a low-carbohydrate diet
  • Free of all banned substances
  • SAFE


  • Only available online
  • Not for use by pregnant women
  • Some people reported increased side effects
  • Not suitable for everyone

You can buy C-Prime 5 online here!

When you’re thinking about getting the leanest, toneest muscles possible but also need to watch calories, this supplement will help you succeed. This supplement supports muscular development on low-carbohydrate diets by regulating water and starch partitioning to promote lean muscle growth.

2. Pro Jym Protein Powder

Our rating: 9 / 10

Pro Jym Protein Powder

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  • Eliminates Fat
  • Elevates metabolism
  • Lessens Appetite
  • Speeds up Weight Loss


  • Tends to be very expensive.

(2.7 kg)

Pro Jym Protein Powder is one of the best protein powders within the market. This unique formulation is highly affordable and high quality. The purpose of the product is to make one’s body into an ideal one. People are able to lose weight by taking this powder daily.

Also, this product helps to curb one’s appetite naturally. Thus, the reduction of fat is easier while at it too. With these results, this raw material provides the customers with an effective product. The product comes from none other than the company known as PureJym.

3. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Our rating: 8 / 10

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

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  • Delicious grape flavor
  • Supports energy production, muscular endurance and mental focus
  • Accelerates ketogenesis that can further boost energy

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy – Pre Workout with Green Tea, BCAA, Amino Acids, Keto Friendly, Green Coffee Extract, Energy Powder. An ultra-convenient blend of BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) to help support energy production, muscular endurance and mental focus. Additionally, L-Carnitine and Green Coffee Extract to further support fat burning and power. Helps elevate mood, boost focus and energy, and curb appetite while allowing individuals to maintain or gain lean muscle mass. Ingredients at a quick glance: L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Extract, Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine HCL), and Grape Flavor.


Each scoop contains:

4. Animal Cuts

Our rating: 8 / 10

Animal Cuts

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  • Fat burner combined with metabolic enhancer.
  • All natural, all-in-one formula.
  • Shredded physique within 30 days guaranteed.
  • Meant for both men and women (though its a bit too strong for some women, consult your doctor for dosage).


  • Tends to make people jittery and anxious.
  • Might cause insomnia in some.
  • Some people may experience some mild dehydration while taking this product.

(1.33 lb / 42 Servings)

Animal Cuts is a revolutionary weight loss supplement that is a staple when it comes to getting shredded. This is one of the most successful fat burning products that has been around for years. When it comes right down to it, Animal Cuts is the winner when it comes to being able to help you with all of your crazy fitness goals for getting ripped.

It offers thermogenic support, metabolism support, mental acuity enhancement, increased energy levels, and even encourages fat burning on the cellular level all while allowing you to feel more energized and focused during your workout. A lot of users of this product report that they were ripped and shredded within 30 days of using it, they say that their appetite decreased dramatically and they didn’t even have to work themselves up to lose the weight; it tore it off of them.

5. VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner

Our rating: 8 / 10


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  • This product contains a blend of ingredients.
  • It is a plant based product.
  • This fat burner supplement will improve lean muscle and endurance.
  • It also helps to reduce body fat along with improving performance.
  • This fat burner supplement is free of fillers and binders.
  • This is a weight loss product.


  • This product can be unsafe if not taken as advice by a doctor.
  • This supplement has not undergone safety testing.
  • This product may be harmful for individuals under the age of 18.
  • People who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid this supplement.
  • This supplement may cause nausea in some people.

Vintage Burn will improve your energy level and increase your metabolism to burn fat, a pre-workout that will work not only for a CrossFit workout. You can also use it on the days you need a boost. So with this muscle-preserving fat burner, you can be confident that you will gain lean muscle and safely burn fat.

6. Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Our rating: 8 / 10

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

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  • A 18-month warranty
  • Great customer service
  • Various payment methods available
  • Free shipping
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Lack of sales strategy
  • Complaints from some re purchase policy

This powerful herbal weight loss formula combines the essential nutrients and ingredients to enable you to destroy stubborn belly fat, melt away tons of excess fat from your hips, thighs, back and arms, and to shred your abs in just one month. Results may vary and can take as little as a few weeks!

The best type of protein that burns body fat is a slow digesting and low digesting protein. That’s why egg white protein powder is the best protein source when you’re cutting fat. But, if you’re on a budget, whey protein is the next best thing. Just make sure you get whey protein with added Leucine, as it aids in muscle protein synthesis, which helps you build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

7. Rev Labs

Our rating: 7 / 10

Rev Labs

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  • Burns stored body fat
  • Raw nutrients (hemp seed oil, spirulina, L-carnitine, and beetroot extract) work synergistically to help metabolize fat
  • Blocks fat and control cravings naturally and effectively
  • Boosts energy levels to help you focus
  • Hypoallergenic—not made with synthetic ingredients
  • Made in the USA in FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility

The dosage of one pill is 100 mg. A serving size with three caps is 300 mg.

Only available on order—you cannot buy individual bottles.

Recently, several analyses of manufacturers’ marketing claims have linked the consumption of green tea to a wide variety of health benefits. These claims include boosting metabolism, burning fat, preventing cancer, and lowering cholesterol. According to a study published in Green Tea: Health Benefits and Antioxidant Properties, it also reduces high blood pressure. These antioxidants are referred to as catechins.

8. Hydrox Pro Clinical 72 Rapid Release Caplets 72 CT

Our rating: 6 / 10

Hydrox Pro Clinical 72 Rapid Release Caplets 72 CT

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  • Faster Results: Get the results you want faster with this fast-working cutting stack.
  • Keeps You Going: With MCT and plant extracts, you’ll be able to keep going with your workouts for longer.


  • May Cause Stomach Trouble: Some people have reported that using this stack has caused issues with their digestive system.
  • One user noted that there were times when it caused bloating and discomfort.

Convenient: You can use this stack whenever you want. You don’t have to take it at a specific time, either.

Curves Ahead is another women’s-only workout plan. This one takes the concept of the Curves® workout plan and warps it to sculpt athletic bodies.

Included in the package are 12 DVDs that demonstrate the Curves Ahead workout. There are also detailed instruction manuals and goal tracking sheets as well.

9. Dr. Emil

Our rating: 5 / 10

Dr. Emil

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  • Can be used in combination with any diet
  • Increased metabolism and fat loss
  • Weight Loss Pills can enhance fat-burning and calorie-burning through thermogenesis
  • Can be used in combination with any diet
  • Reduced appetite and improved satiety
  • 100% Vegan
  • Made in the USA
  • Enough pills for 60 days
  • One pill daily
  • Available online and at major retail outlets such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Walmart


  • Initial progress may take a little longer than expected
  • Higher doses can cause some side effects
  • Not available in stores in some locations

Emil Thermogenic Formula is a powerful burner of fat and calories. It is made with all natural herbs. It contains Caffeine, Saw Palmetto, Capsicum, Coleus Forskohlii Extract, Raspberry Ketone, L-Carnitine and more. Plus, it offers some of the strength of an Ephedrine diet pill, but without the side effects.

It also has a formulation that works to improve your metabolism. It helps you lose weight faster and achieve the body you want.

Emil is a combination of all natural nutrients that work to stimulate the process of thermogenesis. You will observe increased energy, appetite control and fat-burning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best supplement to get ripped fast?

The best product to get ripped fast is definitely DNP … which contains 2, 4 -dinitrophenol. This revolutionary product is a favorite of many and used by top level athletes all over the world.

DNP is most commonly used as a thermogenic which helps to push the body’s temperature and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) into overdrive. This causes the body to burn many calories over what it normally would, leading to fat loss and an increase in muscle mass.

What supplements should you take when cutting?

I kind of stand alone on this. It wasn't really a scientific decision because the data was not there. I was looking for the best results with the least amount of side effects. When you start the program, you will be taking several different supplements. I refer to them as "core" supplements. There are some others which I call "cleaner" but they are not quite as necessary as the core. They can help and I do recommend them, but they are not as critical. And, of course, there are a couple of optional ones for those that think they have enough willpower to resist buying an ice cream cone.

Let's have a look at the supplements in order of importance.

What is the most effective fat burning supplement?

CYCLESUMOZYM – This Fitness Supplement is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by users. It causes appetite suppression and enhances your metabolism rate. It is a weight loss pill crafted to burn fat and stimulate lean muscle growth. It is designed to dramatically speed up your metabolism for a shorter weight loss cycle than other supplements.

How can I shred up fast?

What supplements work best?

If you are looking to shred up fast, you should first start with a great diet, a lot of good exercises and a very well-balanced, carb-free, low calorie diet. Then you should add these cutting pills to your diet.


Cutting supplements are an important aspect when it comes to cutting weight and getting shredded. Some of them are extremely helpful, and it can even be crucial using them for competition.

A good cutting cycle is a supplement plan that is carefully planned and prevents your body from burning muscle tissue while trying to lose fat. Many cutting supplements are banned from competition but are greatly beneficial.

Here are some of the best cutting supplements on the market.

Our Recommendation

Nutrient Partitioning AgentBest OverallNutrient Partitioning Agent
Rev LabsBudget PickRev Labs
Pro Jym Protein PowderUpgrade PickPro Jym Protein Powder