TOP 19 Best CrossFit Shorts For Women That DON’T Bunch Up Reviewed 2022

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If you are a woman who does CrossFit, you know the issues that having a bunch of excess material can lead to. I have seen many women with a waddle because they have too much material around the waistband. It looks ridiculous.


Because women have hips. Because jogging pants were often made for men, and CrossFit shorts were made from the same type of material.

So, what can you do?

Hope for the best?

No. You get yourself the right pair of shorts. One that is made for women, and has zero to minimal excess material.

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga ShortsBest Overall90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts
Tough Mode Apparel Womens 3" Athletic Workout Volleyball Crossfit Running WOD ShortsBudget PickTough Mode Apparel Womens 3" Athletic Workout Volleyball Crossfit Running WOD Shorts
Beachbody Women's Flex 2-In-1 ShortsUpgrade PickBeachbody Women's Flex 2-In-1 Shorts

1. 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts

Our rating: 9 / 10

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Power Flex Yoga Shorts

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  • Sweat wicking material
  • Keeps its shape and does not get saggy
  • User’s have mentioned them as being very flattering, even for heavier people
  • Very reasonably priced


  • They do appear to run on the smaller side
  • Some users have reported the waistband rolling and not staying in place

These high-rise yoga shorts are made by 90 Degree by Reflex. They are made of a nice breathable fabric that moves moisture away from the skin and keeps you cool and dry.

The inner brief is fully lined with a soft cotton-like material that feels great against the skin. They are slimmer fitting than some of the brand’s other styles and they feature a high waistband that doesn’t cut into the waist at all.

These feature a small hidden pocket behind the elastic waistband at the back for your house key or some cash. They also have a handy mesh pouch on the inner brief where you can store your phone.

2. Tough Mode Apparel Womens 3" Athletic Workout Volleyball Crossfit Running WOD Shorts

Our rating: 8 / 10

Tough Mode Apparel Womens 3" Athletic Workout Volleyball Crossfit Running WOD Shorts

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  • Very lightweight, stretchable fabric.
  • Anti-bacterial fabric.
  • Elastic Waist.
  • Attractive and fun color-blocking design.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some complaints of the shorts running smaller than expected.

Tough Mode Apparel Womens 3" Athletic Workout Volleyball Crossfit Running WOD Shorts is a solid option for us mention here as well. Its ultra-stretchy fabric, and wide waistband allow them to keep up with your every movement. Tons of pockets give you the convenience to take your items with you as you sprint, run, or wOD on the track, at the gym, or in the gym.

With this option, you get your choice of color selection (super cute colors), and stretchover waist and hem band. These shorts are designed with serious fitness in mind – so you get a comfortable workout. It's no surprise this product is on our list! These shorts were made with the athlete in mind! Designed for the WOD, these running shorts are made with lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, as well as a mesh lining for breathability.

The shorts also feature clean stitching and an elastic waistband for a secure and comfortable fit. Well guess what? If you are looking for a value plus a solid product look no further. These shorts are for you! We know you want some shorts for Crossfit! And these are just what you need. Comfortable, cute, stylish, great for any sport!

3. ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short Tummy Control Workout Running Athletic Non See-Through Yoga Shorts

Our rating: 8 / 10

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short Tummy Control Workout Running Athletic Non See-Through Yoga Shorts

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  • These shorts are made from a comfortable and stretchy material.
  • The high-cut style fits comfortably around buttocks.
  • They are great at keeping you cool during hot weathers.
  • The non-see-through design will protect your privacy during your workout.
  • They have a waistband that provides wonderful support.
  • The shorts are easy to wear and they are suitable even for pregnant women.
  • The tummy control design will help you hide your tummy.
  • The shorts are high-waisted which will help prevent stomach fat from spilling out.
  • They are quick drying.


  • Some people may find the stretchy fabric to be a bit rough.
  • The smell of the shorts might be strong when you first open the packaging.
  • There is no opening for the key pocket.
  • They are too see-through.
  • Since these shorts are oversized, you will have to wash them several times before they reach the size you want.

The Ododos High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short Tummy Control Workout Running Athletic Non See-Through Yoga Shorts Sports are the best tummy control shorts in this list of the top 19 best CrossFit shorts for women. They are one of the most comfortable workout shorts for women that are available in the market today. They have a super slimming design that will hide your tummy instantly.

There is also a no-slip silicone band at the waist that is very strong and makes sure that the yoga shorts do not fall off. The stretchy material used to make these shorts ensures that the shorts are extremely comfortable to wear.

These shorts are made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex. They are available in three different sizes. Additionally, you can choose from any one of the 19 vibrant colors available.

4. Premium Woman's 3" Inseam Compression Booty Shorts

Our rating: 8 / 10

Premium Woman's 3" Inseam Compression Booty Shorts

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  • Comfortable fit – the material is not too thick, but not too thin.
  • SPF protection – good for yoga, running, and outdoor work.
  • Provides good support to the hip and thigh areas.
  • Stretchy material fits well and is not too tight or constrictive.


  • No drawstrings at the bottom of the shorts. Users may want to purchase a longer bottom or control top to wear with these shorts.
  • The "spandex" material is really polyester, so fabrics do not match exactly.
  • The upper part of the waistband tends to roll and get out of place with certain types of movements.

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5. Epic MMA Gear WOD Booty Shorts

Our rating: 8 / 10

Epic MMA Gear WOD Booty Shorts

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  • Elastic on the waist that neither digs in or binds
  • Thumbholes are more secure than some other brands
  • The fabric is soft and comfortable
  • Squat-proof and no upholstery to get caught on your knees
  • The shorts are not too tight or too loose
  • Style and look is very nice


  • Some are very tight on the butt. Not a good cut for very curvy women
  • One size only and there is not much adjustment
  • Some material is not sweat-wicking or antibacterial
  • The elastic in the waist band is a little tight for some reviewers

These are the best exercise shorts for women who squat or lift weights and they are not for women who have very curvy hips. The shorts are very stretchy and soft and have ventilation and a pocket for your phone or keys. Plus they have a great waistband without a drawstring or belt; just a soft elastic that seems to stretch as much as you need it to.

The material is very soft and the cut is flattering for almost all body types. If you have a flare for the dramatic you may not feel comfortable in these shorts, but if you’re like most women who want to wear something that is not fitness gear from the 1970s, this is a great option.

6. QUEENIEKE Women 4.5 Inches Inseam Sports Shorts Mid-Waist Tummy Control Yoga Train Running 0611

Our rating: 8 / 10

QUEENIEKE Women 4.5 Inches Inseam Sports Shorts Mid-Waist Tummy Control Yoga Train Running 0611

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  • 4.5” Inseam.
  • Invisible adjustable waistband for workout.
  • Internal mesh liner.
  • Quick dry fabric.
  • Size: S-XL, weight: 135-175lb.
  • Material: Polyester 92%, Spandex 8%.
  • Elasticity: Moderate
  • Weight: 0.42lbs.
  • How to wash: Hand wash in cold water, do not bleach, line dry, low iron if needed.


  • Not suitable for high impact activity.
  • No storage or pockets.
  • No moisture wicking.
  • No color options.

This pair of shorts was made for ladies with a 4.5” inseam, and made in such a way that the shorts will never bunched up during a variety of activities, even running. Even though the shorts are high waisted, they stay put and since they’re able to comply with a variety of body movements, they’re a gift for ladies with larger bodies.

The Queenieke shorts are a lifesaver for women who have trouble finding shorts that are long enough for their thighs, which are also made to be comfortable throughout the entire day. The shorts are made out of a 92% polyester and 8% spandex fabric which is fast wicking and allows the light to pass through better.

In addition to this, the shorts are also able to breathe well and keep you dry through any physical activity. If you’re looking for the best running shorts for women with big thighs, the Queenieke might be exactly what you’re looking for. The shorts will fit up to a size 14 and are available in nude and black, with an invisible adjustable waistband that’s forgiving and comfortable to sport during a variety of activities.

7. adidas Women's Training Techfit Short Tights

Our rating: 8 / 10

adidas Women's Training Techfit Short Tights

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  • Great breathability
  • Holds shape wash after wash
  • Not too thin to be revealing
  • Comfortable fit
  • Best ones we’ve owned
  • Great value for the price
  • True white color
  • LOVE the pocket on the side!
  • Dual pocket great, not too big and hangs around your leg comfortably and doesn't look weird with the drawstring in the back of your pants


  • I'm only 5'4, so they are longer on me but still fit great, they still look fine with my monkee toes.
  • It bunches more than I like in the back, but it's not bad. I have other tights that are worse.
  • If you were someone trying to see cellulite or look at someone's butt, you could.

These are great for the price. They fit well and are true to size. You could order one size down if you don't like baggy shorts. These will hold their shape after several washes, unlike some tights that stretch out or get holes or tiny runs in them after a while.

A million pockets is always a plus. There really is a pocket on this pair of tights that is made for your phone, and it's also pocket is on the side and not in the middle of your back. They fit great around the waist, but don't hold you in too much.

I have long monkee toes and these tights fit great. I'm 5'4 and they come 3/4 of the way from the bottom of my feet to the top of my knee. They're not too tight, they aren't see-through, and they have a pocket in the side.

8. Under Armour Women's 5" Heatgear Armour

Our rating: 8 / 10

Under Armour Women's 5" Heatgear Armour

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  • Good brief-length coverage
  • Meets expectations for fit, durability, and comfort


  • Material is a bit thin
  • Men and women might find the size chart a bit off

Comfortable and practical for training, this pair from Under Armour is a great option for women. The material used is an 85/15 polyester/spandex blend, making it lightweight and strong.

It is ergonomically cut to ensure that it will stay in place during any intense CrossFit workout and that it protects the hips and thighs, an area that is prone to injury from impact or sweat. The shorts come with a mesh brief that is slim enough to be worn under clothing yet loose enough to stay in place. It fits securely enough that it doesn’t bunch up or move around during grueling work outs.

The compression shorts also feature a moisture-wicking construction that absorbs sweat quickly and efficiently, allowing women to keep cool and dry during their training sessions. The lightweight, seamless shorts also don’t creep up or ride up during work outs, ensuring confidence and comfort throughout the duration of the training session.

9. Reebok Women's Crossfit Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts

Our rating: 8 / 10

Reebok Women's Crossfit Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts

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  • Shiny, slimming design
  • Bamboo fibres that regulate body temperature and wick sweat
  • Odor-resistant, quick-drying
  • Mid-rise fit
  • Tight-fitting, keeps everything in place
  • Squat and deadlift proof because it’s designed without seams
  • Black color, can be worn with black or white tank tops
  • Lightweight
  • 2-way stretch
  • Anti-microbacterial fabric


  • A little high-priced
  • They have a slim fit.

The Reebok Women’s Crossfit Chase Shemagh Bootie Shorts is a black and white striped crossfit short with a drawstring closure.

These shorts are made from quick-drying bamboo that wicks away moisture and then breathes to fight bacteria. Bamboo is a particularly useful material since it stays soft and comfortable even after drying, and it is naturally odor-resistant.

Bamboo is also a star among allergies and skin sensitivities, since it will keep you from breaking out. The woven fibers of bamboo are also smoother than cotton, so these shorts will feel like a silky dream against your legs, whether you are at the gym or sitting at a desk.

10. Born Primitive Double Take Booty Shorts

Our rating: 7 / 10

Born Primitive Double Take Booty Shorts

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  • Really soft material.
  • Highly attractive design.
  • Nice thick inner lining.
  • Great stretchy waistband. It’s very firm and sturdy.
  • Length is just right – not too short.
  • Ticking seam on crotch area.
  • Generous thigh area for ease of movement.
  • Nice thick, high-quality elastic at the waist.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Some feel they are a tad expensive.
  • Sizing runs a bit large. Not as snug fitting as expected.
  • Looser than you would expect, but still stretchy enough to move in, which means when you move around, they bunch up around your waist. Not really pants to wear around everyone. Just to the gym or out for a workout.
  • Cotton gusset area is quite thick – feels hot.

Here’s a pair of booty shorts packed full of excellent features that will allow you to feel less hot, do squats, jumping jacks, lunges, plyometrics, run around, and generally have a good time.

Although the material is on the thinner side, the gusset is heavily lined and form fitting. The shorts are so incredibly soft and comfortable that you may not want to take them off. They come in a choice of colors that are super cute.

The fabric dries very rapidly and is extremely stretchy. We like the attractive striped banding around the legs. The waist comes up very high and there is some nice functional sewing on the inside. These shorts come in a choice of four colors.

11. BOA Womens Fit Short

Our rating: 7 / 10

BOA Womens Fit Short

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  • Made from stretchy fabric so it moves with you.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Really flattering fit.
  • Fairly discrete for a CrossFit short.
  • Sizing is true to your normal size.
  • Breathable.
  • Wide waistband is very comfortable.
  • Doesn’t need to be worn high on your waist.
  • Pockets are perfectly sized.


  • Not meant to be worn high on your waist.
  • Not crazy supportive if you are heavy busted.

BOA is well-known for producing high-quality performance gear. This Womens Fit Short is one of their best offerings because it is a short that looks great and can be worn for more than just a few exercises.

It is made from 4-way stretch Spandura fabric that molds to your body and provides just enough hold to increase your CrossFit style. It allows a full range of motion so you can do all your movements without restriction.

These shorts are flattering as they come, with an attractive design that lays flat and fits nicely under your top. These shorts would be great to wear to class, or to the gym.

12. Under Armour Women's HG Engineered Shorty

Our rating: 6 / 10

Under Armour Women's HG Engineered Shorty

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  • True to size
  • Shape-retaining fabric
  • They really do not get that much shorter as they get sweaty
  • Lightweight and cooling material
  • No wicking issues


  • Not as breathable as you might hope
  • The waistband has an incredibly tight elastic
  • Waistband needs industrial grade stitching.

These shorts are for EVERYFIT who appreciates a pair of shorts that doesn’t get shorter when you work out. We all hate that. SO THESE SHORTS DO NOT BUNCH UP. This is crucial. This fact alone puts these shorts head and shoulders above other pairs of work out shorts.

The shorts are lightweight with a great silhouette. They look great and feel great when you work out. The small details are great. A perfect inner liner that does not hang to your knees. A drawstring that doesn’t hang strangely below the waistband. That elastic waistband is fantastic.

The leg band has the perfect amount of stretch and it stays in place. You can push your limits in these shorts. No worries about the shorts riding up or down.

13. Beachbody Women's Flex 2-In-1 Shorts

Our rating: 5 / 10

Beachbody Women's Flex 2-In-1 Shorts

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  • Look and feel like yoga pants but they're shorts.
  • Very soft and comfortable waist band.
  • Unique fabric blend gives them a nice feel
  • Uses a quality double stitch hem to prevent fraying.
  • Can be worn all-year-round.
  • Enough support to be worn for CrossFit.
  • Fast drying fabric that's also quick-drying.
  • Come in a variety of colors and sizes.


  • Some sizes might run just a bit small.
  • Some might be too short depending on your height. The smallest size runs at 25” which will give you a short length.

These shorts have soft elastic and drawstrings at the waist plus two more back pockets to carry your stuff. The tagless, flatlock stitching doesn't let it itch and the soft waistband holds it all comfortably in place.

The Salute to Service shorts can be worn year-round – they're light enough to wear for summer and have a moderate weight, so they can be worn in any season. They're also a good length as they mostly reach the knee, but they definitely go beyond the knee if you're the taller ones.

14. Born Primitive Your Go to Booty Shorts

Our rating: 5 / 10

Born Primitive Your Go to Booty Shorts

Check Price on Amazon


  • Made of durable material that’s moisture wicking and breathable
  • Thick band to prevent the shorts from bunching up
  • Long, comfortable band for shorter waisted women or as workout gear
  • Generous fit on the waist and thighs, adjustable drawstring
  • Solid coverage and support throughout the backside
  • Great option for outdoor workouts


  • Long, low-cut legs might be problematic if doing burpees or other activities that require vertical jumps
  • Some buyers find that the fit is somewhat large

These ladies’ booty shorts are a great option for athletic women because they are moisture wicking, breathable, and made from anti-microbial material that is also free of formaldehyde and latex. So you will stay dry and odor-free.

They also offer sturdy compression and support so that they won’t fall down during your workout and also have thick enough seams to prevent them from bunching up around your waist.

This pair of booty shorts from Born Primitive is high waisted and has a long, thick band in the back. It’s perfect for tall, longer-waisted women as most workout shorts are too short to keep the shorts from falling down as you work out. Others find that it’s a great option for outdoor workouts as it still offers solid coverage. It also comes in a range of sizes so you can buy the pair that’s most flattering on your body.

15. Feed Me Fight Me Taco Skull Shorts

Our rating: 4 / 10

Feed Me Fight Me Taco Skull Shorts

Check Price on Amazon


  • Very comfortable and lightweight.
  • They don’t shrink after washing.
  • Wash and dry perfectly without shrinking.
  • They have the perfect amount of stretch.
  • The design stands out while remaining classy.
  • They pair well with any long-sleeve workout tops and any gym shoes.
  • They are not see through.
  • They are flattering.
  • High-quality material.
  • When you wash them, they don’t lose their shape.


  • Not a single one!

These are the best workout shorts for women. The design is really awesome, and the fit is great. When you wear them, you feel like a badass!

We wore them yesterday, and my 20-year-old daughter loved them so much she immediately bought a pair. I always get compliments on my shorts, and people often wonder where I bought them because they want to get a pair. I have four pairs myself, and I finally convinced my daughter to go ahead and get her own pair.

16. Amrap WOD Shorts

Our rating: 2 / 10

Amrap WOD Shorts

Check Price on Amazon


  • Fit great
  • Nice material
  • They hold up well
  • Nice colors
  • Super comfy
  • Great price


  • Tight in the legs
  • There isn’t much stretch
  • They have a light, almost like chemical smell

These regulation-style gym shorts for CrossFit are really great. They are a little bit longer than some other pairs. This means you can work out without wearing anything else underneath and not worry about showing too much.

These fit pretty true to size. My mom is about a size 6 and they fit her well, and she is pretty thin. I am a size 10 and they fit me too. The waist band is adjustable, which is good because they’re a bit tight like I said before.

I normally wear a medium-sized underwear, so a medium fits me fine. If you’re more of a small, I would suggest getting a size down. The material is really nice, you can tell it’s high quality. You can tell they’re going to hold up well and last a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best compression shorts for women?

Women who workout need the same compression gear that men need without the lousy colors. Many may think I'm joking but look at your local gym and count the pink & purple colored non-fitted shorts and tops worn by men. If anything, the men are far more stylish and way more playful with their style.

Why are women's CrossFit shorts so short?

The women's CrossFit shorts are shorter and tighter than the men's. The reason is mostly because the women's version is designed to be more functional for CrossFit style of workout and exercises. The shorter cut and tighter fit gives the CrossFit shorts more range of movement so that you have full freedom to squat, lunge, etc. The tighter fit also gives the CrossFit shorts a true compression fit. Most women complain that they do not feel comfortable with the loose baggy shorts and prefer a performance fit rather than loose baggy style. Anyway, the real reason why do most women wear the shorter CrossFit shorts is because they look better on woman's physique and are very sexy.

For most women, cute and sexy is more important than loose baggy shorts. Wearing the cuter and shorter Crossfit shorts for women will help you feel more confident and sexier. It is no secret that woman want to look good wearing their CrossFit attire. Many women go to great lengths to look their best in their outfits. There is no reason not to look your stunning best in your CrossFit exercise clothes.

According to the surveys, most women wear CrossFit skirts because they are very easy to move in. There are no restrictions on movement and the freedom of movement is what every woman wants in their exercise clothes. Wearing the Crossfit shorts for women is more comfortable because there are no restrictions on your movement at all.

The athleisure wear for women is the trendiest look. Wear CrossFit clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable. There are so many reasons why CrossFit shorts for women will rock your world. You will feel the freedom of movement in your shorts. Try doing the CrossFit without your CrossFit shorts; it is impossible to lift, squat or do any fitness CrossFit movements in loose baggy shorts.

You will be amazed by women's CrossFit shorts. The CrossFit shorts are perfect to wear in the gym and to workout. Women's CrossFit exercise clothes are not only functional but fashionable and trendy. Wearing the CrossFit shorts for women will give you a firmer and longer look. These CrossFit shorts are so amazing that they will help you get the best results from the CrossFit exercises.

What shorts do Crossfitters wear?

CrossFitters wear a variety of shorts. There are three main styles of shorts, athletic shorts, compression shorts, and spandex shorts. Each type of shorts have advantages and disadvantages.

Athletic shorts are comfortable and allow your skin to breath. They are made from a soft material and usually provide a drawstring to adjust for a comfortable fit. Athletic shorts look good for entering a gym or a restaurant.

Compression shorts are designed for athletes. They provide support for your muscles and keep your muscles warm. Compression shorts are very tight so if you like your shorts loose, you may want to avoid them.

Spandex shorts are designed to reveal all the hard work and definition of your muscles. They will also stretch when you are doing your workout so they provide the best range of motion.

How do I stop spandex from riding up?

Try to find shorts that have flexibility and elasticity in the spandex. It should also have good moisture wicking properties. Most shorts wont grab your skin. Just make sure you are using the right kind of fabric and size.

Another thing you can try is to roll the shorts up or down around your waist. This will give you some extra room to breathe. If you are rolling the shorts up try to make sure that you can’t see the locks on the inside. You can always wrap the top hole around your extra bunched up spandex.


CrossFit is a special kind of fitness and unless you have tried it, it can be hard to wrap your head around… for those of us who don't follow it, it's art. The right shorts are a CrossFit essential and when looking for the right ones you want them to be the right fit and perform well.

In choosing the best CrossFit shorts for women, we headed out on hay hikes, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, box jumps, and bike rides to be sure these shorts are actually as great as they say.

(This is a sponsored post.)

I am a fitness and lifestyle blogger and have been actively pursuing a healthier lifestyle for awhile. CrossFit has been a way of life for me for the last year and I am loving the results.

Unfortunately, this is a space where you see more male CrossFitters than women… I'd love to hear from other women who CrossFit to know that there are other females out there!

CrossFit does seem super intimidating at first, especially if you are just beginning, but give it a try. I'll even challenge you to try it out for a month and if you don't like it, try a different class at your gym and you can always try again later.

I'm fairly active but CrossFit is a different beast all together. So what is it exactly? In a CrossFit class, you'll work out with weights, plyometrics, and body weight drills. The goal is to really test your limits while getting a kickass workout in.

As far as WODs (workouts of the day) go, it can be pretty intimidating. Other than the obvious pressing of the button on the treadmill/elliptical at the beginning, I was curious about details like what to bring and how to properly wear the best CrossFit shorts for women.

Inside I was perplexed about the sweaty, banded, or loose fitting shorts that so many women have to deal with while doing CrossFit.

Remember how I said it is intimidating? I spent the next few weeks trying CrossFit in Santa Monica, CA with a friend. First, I checked out Pure CrossFit for a Intro to CrossFit class and then The Ranch CrossFit for a regular WOD.

Both places have tons of great reviews but once I walked into the gym, my first thought was 'oh crap, here we go.'

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