Best Cooling Vests: Complete Beginner’s Guide & TOP 13 Vest Reviews 2021

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Many people, including me, associate the word “vest” with machine guns.

However, it isn’t only meant to be a military term.

Vests are actually a must-have in any gym bag.

If you want to be cool under pressure, then you need a cooling vest.

Especially if you are an athlete, you will be wearing it constantly.

No matter if you are a beginner, or you are already an expert, you will most likely want to have a vest in your gym bag for when you are training at the gym.

So because of that, today we are going to have a thorough look at all the features and characteristics of cooling vests and go through the technical specifications of our best cooling vest in different categories. Find out which vest will be perfect for you by looking through our review of the best cooling vests we picked for you.

The Coldest Ice PackBest OverallThe Coldest Ice Pack
Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling VestBudget PickErgodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest
COMPCOOLER Backpack ICE Water Cooling SystemUpgrade PickCOMPCOOLER Backpack ICE Water Cooling System

1. The Coldest Ice Pack

Our rating: 9 / 10

The Coldest Ice Pack

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  • Thick and top-quality gel.
  • Quickly heats up without much effort.
  • The cold packs can be used while wrapped in other cold packs.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Perfect for your physical therapy or at-home therapy.


  • Can feel bulky. Adjusting the strap can be difficult.
  • Does not come with instructions.

The Coldest Ice Packs are my number one pick. They are manufactured by a company called Cold Cures, maintaining high-quality standards. The ice packs are made with high-density gel, which quickly heats up to provide soothing cold therapy for your back, leg, or shoulder.

Since these ice packs are made with gel, they are better than others because they can be wrapped around a sore part of your body without feeling bulky.

There are a few other variants of Coldest Ice Packs that you can use for other body parts. They are Coldest Ice Packs for Back, Coldest Ice Packs for Leg, and Coldest Ice Packs for Shoulders.

2. Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest

Our rating: 8 / 10

Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest

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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • No side effects
  • Cool packs can be reused


  • Can’t do HIIT
  • Takes a longer time to cool down
  • Packs are made of water and are therefore heavier than dry gel packs

The Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest is another popular cooling vest on the market. This easy to use vest is perfect for the sports enthusiasts during the hot & humid days.

The vest comes with an adjustable Velcro belt. It will fit all adults as it comes in four different sizes ranging from small to XXL. A waterproof bag containing the eight large cooling packs is what you can find inside the vest. Two of the cooling packs are always placed on the back side of the shoulders while the other six are placed throughout the vest. You can place them on your chest, abdomen, back, and shoulders.

This allows the cooling packs to cover an area of almost 30 square inches. The cool packs are covered with an absorbent material. Once wet, the cool packs will start to cool. Once the wet cooling packs are placed inside the vest, they stay cool for around 45 minutes. However, you can use the same cool packs multiple times.

3. TechKewl 6626-RB-L/XL Phase Change Cooling Vest

Our rating: 8 / 10

TechKewl 6626-RB-L/XL Phase Change Cooling Vest

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  • Provides cooling relief to back, torso, neck, and shoulders.
  • Cooling effect lasts for four to six hours.
  • Vests can be used for training, recovery, or rehabilitation.
  • Perfect for golfers, archers, and hikers.
  • Lightweight vest with comfortable fit.


  • Size runs small; measure carefully.
  • Multitasking is not possible.
  • Cooling effect diminishes after use.
  • No BackIceGel for extra back cooling.

Even in the hot summer, you can never go wrong with a cooling vest. With efficiency and technology, the best cooling vest reviews make the day. This vest has been designed with a pocket made of three layer of LITEFILM that is filled with a phase changing insulation compound for added insulation. The pockets are suitable enough to hold two 20 oz water bottles and a Phaze Change pack containing water and phase change gel.

The vests are suitable for those who have daily activities that are outdoor-oriented, where there is the risk of overheating. The vest also takes the weight off your body making it easier to carry.

4. FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

Our rating: 8 / 10

FlexiFreeze Ice Vest

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  • Unique cooling technology
  • Speeds up muscle recovery
  • Great for long workouts
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Features a cooling formula made from natural ingredients
  • Full-length zipper allows you to completely customize your wear
  • Accommodates larger body types
  • Lightweight and breathable material


  • Uncomfortable and irritating on bare skin
  • May not fit all waist sizes
  • Product does not last forever.

This is not just another cooling vest.

The FlexiFreeze is the ONLY cooling vest technology proven to enhance muscle recovery and speed up muscle recovery. It’s made from high-quality Japanese Nylon Mesh that wicks away moisture and will not rub on your skin.

When working out, the vest stays on the body, so it stays cool and comfortable. After you finish your workout, you can zip it off and keep it in your gym bag as a cool stress reliever.

5. TechNiche International Women's Deluxe Sport Vest

Our rating: 7 / 10

TechNiche International Women's Deluxe Sport Vest

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  • Soft neoprene straps.
  • Has extra pockets for water bottles.
  • Affordable price.
  • Packs away to a small size.
  • High quality material and construction.


  • Men’s sizes only.
  • Neon green color makes it easy to lose.

The TechNiche vest is one of the best cooling vests for women. It has neoprene straps that slides over your head and fits easily. The single strap design prevents the vest from sliding around or up, which can be a problem on other vests.

It isn’t a very high-end vest but it does the job and does not cost a lot. It’s well-made with extra pockets for water bottles and smartphones.

You’ll love the simplicity and effectiveness of the No Sweat Vesta. It’s a great vest to have as you walk around, run errands, or just enjoy the warm weather.

6. TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest

Our rating: 7 / 10

TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest

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  • Waterproof Sport Vest
  • Quick and easy to put on
  • Great for outdoor temperatures
  • Large water reservoir

Being forced to exert efforts in hot conditions often affects athletes performance in a negative way. It can prevent you from maintaining your rhythm, slow you down and even cause localized muscle fatigue.

This hyperkewl vest is a great piece of gear to help keep you cool as you push your cardio levels and intensity.

Made from lightweight, yet durable materials, it is designed to be worn by people of any age, any weight and any athletic ability. It will keep you cool and energized beyond your normal limits.

7. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

Our rating: 7 / 10

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

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  • Won’t overheat even in the blazing sun
  • Stays cool for up to five hours at a time
  • Machine washable
  • Athletic cut
  • Includes a large front zipper pocket with an internal cellphone pocket
  • Reflective tabs on front for a little extra visibility


  • One size may feel too small for some users
  • The zipper isn’t super high quality
  • It’s only available in gray

Ergodyne has always been a provider of heavy duty lifting and safety products, and this vest is no exception.

This vest incorporates a sweat-wicking, moisture-absorbing mesh front with a microfiber, polyester-covered fabric on the back. This combination of fabrics allows it to stay cool even in hot temperatures. The mesh is extremely lightweight, so you won’t have that added bulk underneath your clothing that will make you sweat more.

This vest also comes with a handy internal cellphone pocket and a front zipper pocket for your keys, tissues, or other small items. The zipper doesn’t snag often, but when it does it’s easy to rethread it. The vest is machine washable, which is fantastic. Overall, this is an excellent, affordable option for anyone looking to stay cool on a warm day.

8. TechNiche International Ultra Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest

Our rating: 7 / 10

TechNiche International Ultra Evaporative Cooling Sport Vest

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  • First off, I am a picky customer… I research everything. This vest was perfect for me (and it fits the 20 oz. water bottles, too!) THIS is what I was looking for….
  • It can fit over a tee or a tshirt.
  • Adjustable arm straps are awesome (six settings) and when it’s closed it does not look like a vest at all… but it sure feels like one!
  • Dries quick enough to put a tshirt on right away for the next run or activity.
  • Fits snug, but if you wear a tee and shirt it drapes enough to be covered nicely for modesty.
  • The small pockets on the inside are great for money or keys.
  • Weighs next to nothing.
  • The side flap behind the zipper keeps everything neatly packed together and is secure so it won’t fall open.


The only con for me is the sizing… I was tempted to size up but I’m glad I wasn’t. It fits perfectly AND has room to be snug, but the shirt will still go with it if you size up.


The only con for me is the sizing… I was tempted to size up but I’m glad I wasn’t. It fits perfectly AND has room to be snug, but the shirt will still go with it if you size up.

9. MiraCool Cooling Poncho Vest

Our rating: 7 / 10

MiraCool Cooling Poncho Vest

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  • Versatile poncho-style vest
  • Powered by a 3-volt battery (included)
  • Runs for up to 15 hours on a single charge
  • Can be worn as a poncho, or by itself around your upper body
  • Includes elastic straps
  • Availabe in regular size or large with a girth up to 64 inches for us up to 6”2
  • It can be recharged as is its neoprene vest design is very versatile both in active outdoor work or sporting competition.
  • Use it as a garment or turn it into a wearable cooling vest as it's very easy to take off the vest and wear it like a vest, allowing the airflow to pass freely across the body.
  • Wear it like a vest and feel the cooling stream go near your body with your muscles profiting from the reduced muscle fatigue.
  • When worn over a shirt, it provides an excellent protection against the cold weather as well as hot weather as it allows the temperature regulation to the right level, providing excellent coolness in hot weather and preventing from hypothermia.


  • The vest is rather heavy, designed to directly cool core muscles, so shouldn't be used by the endurance athletes as it's too heavy to be worn during running for 2-3 hours.
  • The cool water from the battery-powered backpack requires the continuous fluids consumption by the user. Seems like a problem, but since water is so good at cooling, it keeps you hydrated, so in fact it's a plus.

MiraCool is the new universal cooling vest system that can be easily put on almost any outfit, adapted for any need. The digital type of battery is included, and allows the water to be cooled to 28”F below.

Thanks to the extremely thin, high-quality design, the device easily cools the large muscle groups in the human body. The device can be worn under the clothing and thanks to the slim design won't inhibit your motion.

10. COMPCOOLER Backpack ICE Water Cooling System

Our rating: 5 / 10

COMPCOOLER Backpack ICE Water Cooling System

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  • Multiple attachment-style belts (included).
  • A single backpack design that also breaks down into a shoulder pack.


  • The back panel is thick and bulky, which is just a matter of personal preference.
  • You can’t detach the bladder for washing.

This vest is lightweight and well designed. It has a zippered front panel that wraps around the front straps and is designed to hold keys and phone.

It is made out of a strong, lightweight leather and the front pouch bounces well with the stride. The cooling technology keeps you cool and comfortable. This vest works well whether you are doing CrossFit, running, hiking or biking.

The vest is comfortable and it is lightweight with good quality materials. It is not a “dock and go” vest, you have to put it on and turn it on before you head out. It can cool to optimal level within 20 minutes of use and can come close to freezing with extended use. Because the back panel sticks out so far, it is not a good fit if you have to sit and you work.

11. AllTuff Self Charging Cooling Vest

Our rating: 3 / 10

AllTuff Self Charging Cooling Vest

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  • Durable
  • Works 10-14 hours on a single charge
  • USB and AC powered with adjustable output
  • Comfortable and flexible strap
  • Free wireless phone holder
  • Ahead-of-the-curve technology
  • Affordable
  • Quality made in the USA
  • When it runs out of power it still creates airflow in both directions
  • Anti-bacterial neoprene material wicks away moisture


  • Noisy (power unit)
  • Unit is heavy
  • No free car charger
  • Sizing is limited
  • Ventilation system does not have holes in the back

The AllTuff cooling vest works straight out of the box. Doesn’t need to be charged to operate or have any disassembly for you to use it. It works immediately and it doesn’t charge until you start using it. It has a three-way switch with a push button on/off, has an AC adapter, and comes with a USB charging cord. It also has a belt which is adjustable.

This cooling vest is designed to fit a wide range of body types. If you have a larger frame, you may find the vest snug. Overall, it’s a great vest to stay cool and comfortable when you are working out and training in the heat.

12. TechKewl Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest

Our rating: 2 / 10

TechKewl Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest

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  • Powerfull cooling with water base
  • All 3 air vents allow air flow
  • Comes in fluorescent green color
  • Large cooling area
  • 3.5 liter water tank
  • Handy LED indicator lights
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Can be worn without water
  • Perfect for sports and outdoor activity in hot summer days
  • Stays cool for up to 8+ (green LED) hours


  • Needs to be refilled every 2 hours of use
  • Takes up to 5 minutes to reach body temperature
  • Looks too bulky for some users
  • Shorter battery life

The TechKewl hybrid vest is one of the best cooling vests. It features a removable water tank that holds up to 3.5 liters and has an LED indicator to tells you how charged it is.

This vest uses a water-based cooling system that has a dual-fan design for superior cooling. It also comes with a foam pad which provides extra insulation. You can put it in a freezer for hours for better ice dispersion for up to 8 hours.

For best results, put in a freezer prior to use. It is best on hot days, especially in the afternoons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best cooling vest?

Cooling vests are designed to make your workouts in the summer more comfortable. You no longer have to suffer in the sweltering heat if you can get your hands on a cooling vest.

If you are someone who wants to exercise outdoors in the summertime, but the weather or heat prevents you from doing so, cooling vests are one way to solve the problem.

They accomplish this by working like evaporative cooling system to cool your body temperature.

Cooling vests are especially useful for people who do strenuous exercise outdoors. This can include runners, golfers, cyclists, and football players, among others. In fact, cooling vests were initially designed for people who played football in the hot summer months. Currently, they remain the preferred choice for football players.

Do cooling vests work?

Here's the answer!

Cooling vests are basically a rather bulky and thick alternative to an ordinary t-shirt designed to keep you cool at the gym. The idea is that they will help you burn more calories and improve your performance by keeping your core body temperature down. As you know, there are many ways to cool down your body that are much cheaper and easier to use.

Can cooling vests be useful? Yes, but only in quite specific cases. If you train heavily in a hot part of the world, or for example in a hot attic at the peak of summer, then a cooling vest could indeed be useful. If you do use one, make sure you also drink enough water (but not too much) because you can get dehydrated much more quickly in the heat. Remember that cooling vests can be quite bulky, so at the end of the day, they aren’t that different from carrying around an extra bag of clothes with you.

One more thing to remember is that cooling vests can be quite expensive, and in many cases you’re not going to get any extra benefit over a smaller, cheaper and more minimal cooling shirt. Before purchasing a cooling vest, try to make do with a shirt instead and choose the level of cooling you need by using base layers, ice packs, ice towels, or whatever you can get your hands on.

What is the best cooling vest for MS?

The main purpose of this vest is to improve your mobility and your athletic/sports performance. Due to this purpose, the vest should be light weight and flexible. It should offer highest level of mobility, support and ease of movement. This alone lets us to the conclusion that it should be equipped with a good amount of pockets to carry all necessary items such as hydration or additional support. If you combine these factors then I can assume that my BEST BUY VESTS are these:

What is a phase change cooling vest?

A phase change vest is a layer of cooling gel that covers the front and back of your torso. It insulates your body from the heat your body creates and helps keep you cool to prevent overheating.

Heat is a major problem for athletes. Elite athletes who push their bodies to their limits can start to lose the ability to sweat. When this happens, they can start losing more heat than they can produce. Under these conditions, life-threatening heatstroke can occur.

If you have ever been outside on a hot day and started to sweat, you may have experienced the refreshing feeling that came with it. As the water on your skin evaporates, your body cools, at least a little. The streams of water and sweat that would be dripping off your body don’t exist anymore. That feeling is refreshing.

Heatstroke is not refreshing. It can potentially kill you. That’s why preventing it becomes so important.


When it comes to cooling vests, you’ll find all the vests in the following reviews:

Cooling vests should first cool the core, but a lot of people like to wear vests to cover the upper body as well.

Wearing a vest is a good alternative to a long sleeve shirt in the summer, shop owners now use vest to advertise their company branding. Buying a vest is not a bad move at all, it’s actually convenient.

So why and when you should wear a vest?

While it may not be a popular garment especially for those who are fitness enthusiasts, there’s no reason not to wear it. Before you buy a vest, you have to consider how much it can help you in certain activities outside of the gym.

They’re also convenient and easy to wear especially in certain conditions so you can instantly cool down, which is obviously a great benefit of owning a vest.

A cooling vest is a preferred swimwear for summer lake swimming as it can also protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Other than cooling you down, cooling vests come in handy when you’re hiking or to wear during your workouts.

They also help you regulate your body temperature as well as cool vapor or water to the surface of your skin.

Cooling vests are also popular among athletes, especially those who compete in outdoor activities like cycling racers, long-distance runners, and triathletes. On top of the competition advantage, vests are also a comfortable attire than bulky jackets.

Depending on the type of vest you’ll choose, cooling vests can be set to active-mode and passive-mode.

Cooling vest in active mode cools you off by the process of evaporating water stored in the vest. As a result, the heat transfers from your body to the outside air. On the other hand, passive vests are machines which stay cool but don’t cool you off.

To sum it up, cooling vests are great to wear for the following reasons:

  • Commuting to work
  • When added weight training
  • Avoid heatstroke and overheating during outdoor activities

Our Recommendation

The Coldest Ice PackBest OverallThe Coldest Ice Pack
Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling VestBudget PickErgodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest
COMPCOOLER Backpack ICE Water Cooling SystemUpgrade PickCOMPCOOLER Backpack ICE Water Cooling System