Best Climbing Ropes for CrossFit and Garage Gym – TOP 13 Reviews 2022

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Training is serious business and as such, finding a reliable climbing rope is a necessity!

Are you dreaming of becoming a CrossFit athlete but you have no equipment for training for the climbing rope?

Do you train CrossFit at home? Do you own a garage gym?

Or do you just want to do some exercise on your free time?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you will find this article interesting and useful.

I will tell you what to look for in a climbing rope and I will show you the most popular ropes for CrossFit competitors.

You will find their pros and cons and you will learn why these ropes are worth buying.

In the end, you will be able to choose the most suitable rope for you.

POWER GUIDANCE Climbing RopeBest OverallPOWER GUIDANCE Climbing Rope
Aoneky Gym Climbing RopeBudget PickAoneky Gym Climbing Rope
CFF FIT Premium Manila Climbing RopeUpgrade PickCFF FIT Premium Manila Climbing Rope

1. POWER GUIDANCE Climbing Rope

Our rating: 9 / 10


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  • Abrasion, rot, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • Rope comes with a climbing rope bag.
  • No need to cut the ropes.
  • The length of the rope sold between 8ft/10ft/12ft/15ft/20ft/25ft/30ft/35ft/40ft/50ft.
  • The length of the climbing rope more than 15ft is available in coiled/straight/bent.


  • The lead and the end of the rope are white with the powder paint.
  • There is a little bit rope smell.

2. Crown Sporting Goods 1.5 Polydac Gym Climbing Rope

Our rating: 8 / 10

Crown Sporting Goods 1.5 Polydac Gym Climbing Rope

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  • Easily accessible carabiner for longer workouts at home.
  • Glides on all kinds of rope gyms.
  • Easy install without harming your wall.

Here’s a nifty little climbing rope for indoor use. It’s rubber, which means that it grips the wall well and will not slip. And, it ties to it with an anchor that you clamp on the wall instead of drilling into the wall.

This one has a ridged climbing surface, which better simulates climbing on real rock. It measures 7/8 width and 24 feet in length.

Best of all, it comes with an eyehook that has a carabiner which allows you to attach your own weight-bearing anchor for security.

3. RopeFit Manila Gym Climbing Rope

Our rating: 8 / 10

RopeFit Manila Gym Climbing Rope

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  • Lightweight – only 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
  • Great for climbing in the gym
  • Best for shorter use
  • Affordable price
  • 6 meters long
  • Durable – good for CrossFit workouts
  • Multifunctional


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Not suitable for beginner climbers
  • Does not come with any detailed instructions


This is a multifunctional climbing rope rope is 6 meters long and can be easily used for climbing in a gym. It has a length of 6 meters and weighs around 4,4 pounds. When you need a climbing rope, your first choice is obviously athletic, and hence stronger and more durable.

This climbing rope is made of nylon, which is what makes it very strong and good for indoor use. You can use it to hang the rings, rope climbs and rope swings. You can use it outside the gym, but it is not recommended, because it is not very suitable for this.

4. Aoneky Gym Climbing Rope

Our rating: 8 / 10

Aoneky Gym Climbing Rope

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  • Heavy bag, excellent for aggressive training
  • Firm grip for easy, safe use
  • Thin for easy carry
  • Durable cotton fabric
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Designed for burpees, wall climbs, climbs, and swings


  • Best for experienced CrossFitters
  • Need to be careful not to rope yourself up with the knot
  • Somewhat stiff the first few uses
  • Not good for rope climbs

This climbing rope is perfect for home use. It is 15ft in length and is five millimeters in diameter. The length may not be enough for CrossFitters training for climbing competitions, but for most, it is a perfect length.

The rope is made from 100-percent cotton that stretches and absorbs the impact of any heavy workout. The cotton material features an intricate vertical weaving pattern that makes it a lot stronger than other climbing ropes.

It is recommended you purchase the Aoneky climbing rope along with a PVC hook, as the rope alone is not good for climbing.

5. Fitness Solutions USA Made Gym Climbing Rope White

Our rating: 7 / 10

Fitness Solutions USA Made Gym Climbing Rope White

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  • Improved tensile strength than that of an old rope
  • Usable life – 12 months to 3 years, as it is not expensive
  • Eliminates of multiple cases of ropes
  • Easy to install



This wonderful climbing rope may well serve individuals who have a need for CrossFit climbing. It is extremely safe and may be used by children and adults. Used for indoor as well as outdoor climbing, this rope is an ideal product to buy for beginners.

6. Valor Fitness CLR-25 Sisal Climbing Rope

Our rating: 7 / 10

Valor Fitness CLR-25 Sisal Climbing Rope

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This is not a brand that you see a lot of people mention, but we found this rope to be very nice, regardless. It has a good weight and thickness to it, and provides a nice cushy grip. This rope should last a long time.

It’s nice, and I’d be very willing to use it. It has a thick white rope on one end and a thin black rope on the other. It’s also a good size and very inexpensive.

This is a utility nylon climbing rope that comes in a wide variety of sizes. This model comes in; it is the same thing as the other rope, only it is in a 1/2 inch width. If you want to use the rope for climbing, it works best with a harness and carabiner clip; it is not intended as a life saving device.

7. TITAN Battle Ropes

Our rating: 7 / 10

TITAN Battle Ropes

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  • Very long
  • Very heavy
  • Superb construction
  • High quality
  • Prioritizes durability and safety
  • Very large diameter of rope
  • Coated with polyurethane to protect the rope's fibers
  • All ropes are hand spliced for zero defects


  • An expensive product, but worth the cost
  • Very heavy to ship
  • Smaller ropes will break on the first or second slam
  • They are designed to be slammed on concrete and wood

By Rogue.

Love them or hate them, battle ropes have been a staple of CrossFit and other high-intensity cardio workouts for a long time; they allow the user to do high-intensity interval training without overloading the body.

But in recent years, rogue has started manufacturing ropes with slam handles on the ends or rope pummelers. Slam handles are supposed to give the user a handle to slam the rope with while pummelers are supposed to give the user a mechanism with which to strike the rope to get it swinging.

8. CFF FIT Premium Manila Climbing Rope

Our rating: 7 / 10

CFF FIT Premium Manila Climbing Rope

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  • Finishing work on the rope was better than expected
  • Large eyelets make for easy set up
  • Solid construction for heavier gym goers

This Manila climbing rope from CFF FIT is an excellent choice for both professional and home CrossFit training. The Manila construction boasts of an extra tight weave, which makes the rope stronger and less prone to chaffing.

The rope measures 1.5 inches in diameter (20 feet) and has an eyelet at one end and a loop at the other. The rope is 34 feet long in total. Both ends of the rope are finished, which prevents tangling. The finishing work on the rope was better than expected and the rope showed no signs of weakness while being used for a variety of exercises.

The rope can be used by both beginner and advanced gym goers. It is a solid construction that won’t tear easily. This rope can be used for lunges, walking dips, workouts involving sprints and much more.

9. GSM Brands Sisal Gym Climbing Rope

Our rating: 6 / 10

GSM Brands Sisal Gym Climbing Rope

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  • Affordable price
  • Long lifespan
  • Durable for climbing
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced climbers
  • Consistent diameter makes it safe
  • Fine texture makes tying knots easy
  • It is made of eco-friendly hemp

This climbing rope is great for yoga, gymanstics, or just your average gym workout. It is very versatile. Use it for your gym or CrossFit classes or at home for bodyweight exercises. The rope is 1.5 inches in diameter and 25 feet long and is made of 100 percent natural hemp. Hemp is superior for performance compared to cotton or synthetic ropes of equal size.

The rope has a fine texture that makes tying knots easy. Use it for your yoga moves, pull-ups, and many other exercises.

10. The550CordShop Grade A Manila Climbing Rope

Our rating: 5 / 10

The550CordShop Grade A Manila Climbing Rope

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The 550 Cord Shop is one of the highest rated climbing ropes on the market. It’s well designed with a true western style to it and most importantly, it’s affordable.

This rope will feel good in the hands of all climbers from the beginner to the pro. When you hold it you can tell that it’s a quality, high-end rope and that it’s going to be able to stand up to years of use.

It’s smooth and they’ve added a nice protector to it that helps prevent any fraying so you know you won’t be losing any pieces of your rope any time soon.

11. 15 Foot Manila Climbing Rope. Premium quality. Five year warranty.

Our rating: 4 / 10

15 Foot Manila Climbing Rope. Premium quality. Five year warranty.

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  • Easy to grip handles.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Good quality rope.


  • Can get dirty quick.

This climbing rope on par with some of the ropes you might find in a gym. The handles are soft and comfortable.

The 15-foot Manila climbing rope by Warbonnet is designed for beginners and advanced climbers alike. It is a great addition to your gym bag. The rope is well-constructed and comes with a five-year warranty, which is nice.

It is essential for your gym to have a pair of workout gloves, ensuring your grip and comfort. A good pair can protect your hands from blisters and prevent calluses from forming. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, we have gathered five of the best workout gloves for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How thick should a gym climbing rope be?

Most climbing ropes are 9 mm thick. The lighter a rope, the more difficult it is to climb with (it requires more strength to be able to climb up it). So the thickness is aimed at reducing the weight of the rope without limiting it’s performance.

It is hard to find climbing ropes with a thickness in between 9mm and 11mm, but there are a few out there, so keep an eye out.

How do you hang a climbing rope in a garage?

Climbing ropes are very difficult to hang. That is why there are special hardware for this purpose. But if your budget is very low you can make your own anchor points. Here are the steps:

{1}. Find the studs in the wall.
{2}. Use metal drywall anchors.
{3}. Screw the drywall anchor into the stud, or drill a hole and tap the anchor in.
{4}. Use a sledgehammer to drive a 2×4 into the drywall and drywall anchor and hang the rope from it.

What type of rope is best for climbing?

In the past, climbing ropes were constructed of simple twisted yarns that are strong but difficult to use in some climbing situations. Many modern ropes are constructed using braids which makes them stronger and easier to use.

The advantages of braided climbing ropes are the smoothness of the rope throughout, the braiding process increases the number of fibers which is considered impact damage resistance, and the rope still has the ability to fray into, but not out of, the rope.

Is climbing a rope a good workout?

Yes – it is a hell of a training exercise. Rope climbing is one of the most basic and fundamental CrossFit exercises — easily the most basic and fundamental aerobic exercise, in fact.

So if you want to enhance and improve your cardio stamina, then climbing a rope is the best exercise to do.


Knowing how to use a climbing rope correctly is essential for optimizing a workout by avoiding common mistakes. Keep in mind, faulty technique during a CrossFit workout may lead to injuries.

Part of the CrossFit training philosophy is to improve power by improving the athlete's strength-to-weight ratio.

Ropes are a highly versatile training tool and can be used in many different ways.

Climbing rope exercises can help develop grip strength and agility, as well as work your core, legs, back, and shoulders.

We also recommend using climbing rope training as a mini circuit to assist in weight-loss.

Our Recommendation

POWER GUIDANCE Climbing RopeBest OverallPOWER GUIDANCE Climbing Rope
Aoneky Gym Climbing RopeBudget PickAoneky Gym Climbing Rope
CFF FIT Premium Manila Climbing RopeUpgrade PickCFF FIT Premium Manila Climbing Rope